Free patterns for snowflake sweaters...?

In looking forward to Christmas 2020… I’m thinking of knitting a ladies snowflake sweater, and want to begin by collecting ideas in the form of free patterns for snowflake sweaters… whether men’s, women’s, children’s, doll or teddy bear size… also charts for snowflakes.

So far I have found these:

  1. Bernat Fair Isle Yoke Pullover, sizes XS-S, M, L, XL, 2-3XL, 4-5XL. This design features one large, highly detailed snowflake front and center. Also repeated on upper arm of each sleeve. [INDENT]Available through Yarnspirations (6 pages) -…9-006095M.html
    Available through LoveCrafts (4 pages) -[/INDENT]

  2. Snowflake Sweaters in Bernat Satin, sizes XS-S, M, L, XL, 2-3XL, 4-5XL. This design features two snowflakes in a band across the chest and repeated across the arms. [INDENT]Available through LoveCrafts (8 pages) -…n-bernat-satin[/INDENT]

  3. Bernat Yuletide Yoke, child sizes 2 - 8. This design features top-down construction, circle yoke with a band of snowflakes. [INDENT]Available through Yarnspirations (2 pages) -…9-007649M.html[/INDENT]

  4. Patons Snowflake Pullover, Long or Short, sizes S, M, L. This design features a stripe of 5 snowflakes across the upper chest. [INDENT]Available through Yarnspirations (4 pages) -…9-006428M.html[/INDENT]

  5. Snowflake Pullover in Lion Brand fishermen’s wool - 1178A, sizes S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X. This design features three snowflakes across the front, sleeves are plain. [INDENT]Available through LoveCrafts (2 pages) -…n-s-wool-1178a[/INDENT]

  6. Tiny snowflake hoodie ornament. This design features one geometric snowflake. [INDENT]Available through LoveCrafts (6 pages) -…by-christine-l[/INDENT]

  7. Fair Isle Snowflake ball ornament in LionBrand Wool-Ease. This design features three geometric snowflakes around its circumference. [INDENT]Available through LoveCrafts (4 pages) -…l-ease-70735ad[/INDENT]

  8. Snowflake soft-top socks. Rather than colorwork, this design features snowflakes depicted in knit-and-purl stitch textures, accented with eyelets! [INDENT]Available through LoveCrafts (7 pages) -…y-alison-payne[/INDENT]

  9. Nordic Winter Dress for 18" doll. This design features a charted snowflake border. [INDENT]Available from designer’s website, ABC Knitting by Elaine Phillips (7 pages) -
    Matching snowflake hat for 18" doll -[/INDENT]

Would you help me by sharing other free snowflake sweater patterns/designs, snowflake charts, and/or construction methods to consider…?

@qfknit - what a fun project to work on!

I found a few cute ones at Garn Studio/Drops!

Child’s sweater


Sweater Jacket



WOW, @Char ! Thank you for this fabulous list.

I really like the first pattern, Child’s sweater, Drops 52 29, which LOL has no name and is open for suggestions!

Then the cowl, such a fun name: Poinsettias in the Snow! Another great design.

But the Sweater Jacket… ! Drops 12-22, marked as Retro 1980-1993… reminds me of one of my all-time favorite patterns, a vintage sideways-knit (sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff) pullover with a shawl collar (simply called “19D His and Hers Slipon” from Spinnerin Beginner’s Delight, Volume No. 308, 1961) Yes, this pattern may be the one for me! :slight_smile:

Until I saw the sweater, featuring “snow flowers”… I love the colors and the cabled details: mock turtle neck and sleeve cuffs!

And those socks… “Midnight Snow” indeed!

Thank you, thank you @Char you’ve given me lots to play with.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

@qfknit I am glad you approve! :-). Can’t wait to see what you decide to make.

One of the most beautiful, intricate snowflake designs I’ve ever seen is the snowflake in talented member @ShawlsandDolls 's new hat pattern, which is currently being test-knitted by a few other talented members. You can see it here -…-hat#post36753


Thank you for sharing this, and for your kind words about my pattern. :slight_smile:

@ShawlsandDolls - It is a gorgeous pattern, if I had a moment to spare I would’ve signed up as a test knitter! Unfortunately much of my life is juggling things lately… always something up in the air…!