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Thank you for that. It is really good to have the choice of versions with or without all the explanations. (I do understand that beginners need explanations, but I am not and I don’t!) I love the Unadorned Beret in particular, it is just what I need for the winter. I also love the fact that the pattern has the stitch count - really useful :slight_smile:

I appreciate your kind words. I hope you’ll share your finished hat, so I can see it.

It’s always so nice when designers share patterns for free so I’ll say thank you as well, those gumdrop flowers are just what I need as replacements for my dying live ones. I like your little trick of doing a yarn under instead of over for closing the gap. I can think of many places to use this! I’m with @WeeBizzom on appreciating the short explanations although I don’t ever forget when I needed detailed explanations. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the support and encouragement. Designing crochet pattern is my passion and it’s so nice when people value my passion.

Thank you for your generosity. I’ll be checking out your Esty page for certain.

Thank you!