Free Pattern: Americana Keyhole Scarf, Bunting Style

This free scarf pattern is really just my set of design and construction notes, which I have shared elsewhere on the internet. I have updated the notes to post in this space.

This image is my own.

The ruffled edges are reminiscent of patriotic 4th-of-July parade bunting and are knit from Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the colorway Americana, lending the scarf its name.

This reversible scarf with two keyholes is knit flat in various sizes using Red Heart Super Saver “Americana” self-striping yarn (5 ounce skein, 236 yards), plus one skein of yarn in a color of your choice, in a similar weight.

This scarf is knit beginning at the bottom edge of the first ruffled tail, working up to the first keyhole, making the keyhole, then progressing around the neck, knitting the second keyhole, and then finishing with the second ruffled tail.

  • Each hand knit scarf will be unique.
  • Gauge is not crucial
What you'll need for this project:
  • 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver “[B]Americana[/B]” yarn
  • 1 skein of yarn of your choice for main color
  • 1 set of knitting needles, US size 6 (4 mm) or size you are comfortable with for number “4” worsted weight yarn
  • 1 stitch holder or small circular needle, for dividing alternating stitches for keyhole
  • 1 small scissors
  • 1 tapestry needle or crochet hook, to weave in ends
  • About 10 hours of time (will vary depending upon knitting skills, experience, speed, and size of scarf)
:) 1) This pattern is also posted in the Group "Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns," in the Topic called Knitting Patterns - - Free Forever. 2) Readers of this post may also be interested in the related design: Americana Keyhole Scarf. :)

knitting pattern for bunting-style Americana keyhole scarf - our unraveled.pdf (292 KB)


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Awesome, thanks for the pattern!

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Glad you like the pattern, @Nyssareen!
These Bunting-style scarves are fun to knit and to wear.
I hope that knitters will post photos of their completed scarves.

@Nyssaren - - We are starting a Knit-Along for this scarf … want to join?
Link here:

@ceyana @Tronya @NDfree @Donna_Led @NCAknitter @Liana @Araya50 @SouthernKnitter @keevacat @Heterex @KateCrochet @ronsmysharona -
We are starting a Knit-Along for this scarf … want to join?
Link here: [URL=“”]…-kal#post18221


@ilexedits - you’re invited!

Everyone come join in - the more, the merrier!
(In the week or two before Christmas, when you wish you had an extra quick-knit gift… look no further…!)

Okay, I guess I’ve not been on the website since this was posted–just too busy with work last week and then we went camping over the weekend. I think it’s a cute scarf and I might still try to make one!

@rkennell - welcome back! Yes, come join us on the KAL! (

It’s about a 10-hour project… even if you do not start until 10 days from now… let’s say August 30th, there would still be 10 days until the final day (September 8th)… even at an hour or two a day, you’d finish along with the rest of this KAL bunch!

Plus, you have us to answer questions and cheer you on!

See what others are working on, some sources for the Red Heart Super Saver Americana yarn, and other yarns being used to make unique scarves!