Fray check for coil pot

I just finished making a fabric coil pot from remnants. (Instructions from the internet, although I sewed it by hand rather with the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.) I’m very happy with it, but I have a question … I used some Royal Coat Decoupage Finish on the bottom with a paint brush, as a form of fray check. It works, but I don’t like the hard finish. I also have Mod Podge and artist’s gesso, but I think they might have a similar finish. Can anyone recommend something that I could spread over the pot as a coating but that would maintain the soft and flexible fabric feel?


I like your pot, but I don’t think there is anything to put on it that would leave it soft and flexible. Fray-Check (the brand name stuff) also leaves a hard finish. The only thing I could think of, would be to turn the raw edges to the inside as you wrap and sew.

That would work but it would be pretty painful … I used several yards of fabric cut into 1" strips. But thanks for giving input :slight_smile:

@WyomingSue Mod Podge might stay flexible, but if it does it will also feel sticky. I can’t think of anything that you’d coat it with that will leave it still feeling soft. I think you’re better off sewing down the ends if you want to keep the same feeling to the finish. Alternatively you could buy fray check or fabric tack, but know that those will leave hard bits wherever you use them. Still, as it’s a basket that might not be terrible. If you use just tiny amounts, the adhesives won’t show.

I actually agree with you, and after thinking a bit, I’m wondering if bias-cut strips would work. They wouldn’t fray, at least.

There is a product actually several. That can usually be found with rug hooking supplies. It used to paint on this slippery to give them a grip.

Another product but it does dry hard might be puffy paint

I know I am missing at least one but am not where I can look it up - it is made by the same folks who make fair-Tac and number of other glues.

Look at the consumer and then fashion and fabric.
They usually have detailed info on each product