Forum tweaks: Like droplets on a cold glass of iced tea...

…I’m condensing.

tl;dr/BLUF: Some threads will be moved to higher level categories. Some forums will be merged.

You may have heard that I’m working on migrating FiberKind to new forum software. :tada: The new software should be much better – it will be much easier to get and find notifications, it looks better on mobile devices, etc. It is structured a little differently, so I am merging deeply nested forums so that they can be migrated to the new software.

You’ll probably notice this most in Off Topic. The Funnies and Books and YouTube threads will be moved directly into Off Topic. There are a couple more places in the forums where I will do this, but that’s the biggest change.

This shouldn’t impact existing thread subscriptions or notifications.

I’ll continue to update you on other changes you’ll need to know about. For now, I’m still doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes work to make sure all of our posts and pictures get moved over properly. My goal is to make FiberKind easier to use and navigate for everyone :fk: