Forum migration soon!

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m pleased to share that I’m very close to migrating FiberKind to the new forum software!

I hope to perform the migration in the next couple of weeks. The forum will be unavailable for a few hours while I make the switch. Once I’m done, you’ll see the brand new forum right here at (Same batt time, same batt channel!)

I’m bringing over as much as I can. Here’s what will be migrated to the new forum:

  • Your account
  • Forum posts, comments, and pictures
  • Groups and group posts
  • Project blogs
  • Avatars
  • SkeinLink
Some things will not be migrated:
  • Your password (you'll be prompted to reset it)
  • Signatures (you'll have to re-create it)
  • Private messages
  • Visitor messages on your profile
  • Some profile fields
Thanks for your patience during this process!