First unread post

Is there a way to get to the first unread post on a topic, rather than always going to the first post? Or should I be clicking something besides the topic title on the forum or sub-forum page?

ETA: Never mind! Clicking the two downward arrows on the blue background is what goes to the first unread post!!

Nice! I had been trying to figure that one out too! Thanks!

@ilexedits Thank you!!! I hadn’t figured that out and was trying to figure out where I’d left off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love your T.J. quote!

@funnybunny Thank you!

I was wondering the same thing - sometimes it helps to read ALL the posts on this site to pick up hints.

I see the two blue arrows on the main forums for getting to the last read post, but I don’t see them on the Groups (I’m in ElderBerries) - am I just not looking in the right place, or is it not part of the Groups yet?