Finished Projects!

So there is no finished projects here yet! OMG. So here is the latest little thing I made out of a sample. My babies with a new pillow.


I finally finished this quilt in a day (whose day??) . I tie these quilts and make baby size. The top has been done for months, but I didn’t have a good place to lay it out ( getting up from the floor is difficult for me). I purchased a new drop leaf table for my sewing room and it worked well to lay out all the layers.


This is beautiful!


Nicely done! Log cabin is one of my favorite patterns!

Very nice! I feels good to finish somthing!!!

@crossstitchlinda, I’m with Kathy7661 on it being a favorite pattern, it was one of my mom’s too and always reminds me of her. You did a great job and the little red pops of color make me smile!

The colors are beautiful, log cabin is also one of my favorites. I set mine up in a star pattern, made it several years ago… One of these days I’ll take a picture of it. Although I have squares of a patchwork quilt all sewn together (64 of them), I haven’t touched them to put it together. Hhhmmm… maybe I should get it done!

@pinesprairie I had always read that the red center of a log cabin symbolizes the hearth at the center of the home. I like that imagery so I always make that center square with some type of red fabric.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

@crosstitchlinda Yes! Now that I ‘hear’ you say that, I remember both my Gran and mom saying it. That is probably why I like it so much. It’s certainly been proven true for my both as a child and in my home as well.

I finally finished my placemats. :slight_smile:

These were fun, and I would make them again.


Your pillow is beautiful, as are your babies. I’m glad they like it, now go make them something else. :smile:

Very nice pillow and cute kitties! :blush:

Well there is a whole quilt that matches that just did the binding just need to mount then I can put up picture!

I look forward to seeing it!

Beautiful :smiley: