Finished Projects

Post pictures of your finished projects here. Be sure to share your pattern and what yarn you used.

I completed this shawlette this evening. Yarn is Lorna’s Laces, and the pattern is a modification of the Sweet Heart Shawl. It has a lacy edge, but I like it better without.


Very pretty!! I really am going to have to try this shawl.

Here is her website:

I just finished this, it’s a test knit for a friend, not yet published.

It’s a DK weight yarn, not really my style. I.will either give or sell at the craft bazzar.

So, a question - would you.wear this type of shawl? My preference is a lighter weight shawlette in a crescent or triangular shape.


The edging is beautiful. I think it would look nice in a lighter weight yarn and a great shawl pin.

I would think a dk weight shawl should be big enough to give good coverage as a warm wrap. That doesn’t look big enough to use as a wrap. Personally, I’m like you and prefer a shawlette.

My Pimpeliese shawl is finished! The one weird thing is that it is not symmetrical as I thought it was going to be. I don’t know if I made a mistake or it is supposed to be that way. It won’t matter since I will wear it wrapped around as a scarf.


It’s lovely!!

Very pretty - I really like the lacy edging!

Very nice!

This is gorgeous!

I finished this a while ago and am just getting around to posting.


Oh, it’s beautiful!

Soooo pretty.


Definitely an item of beauty! :slight_smile:


I love that shawl! What a lovely color!

Thank you all, it’s a great pattern at the Rainey Sisters blog.