Finished Pieces - no chatter please

Here is where you will put your finished 9" x 12" pieces. Please leave this as a “no chatter” thread - ooohhhs and aaahhhs can be posted as comments to the initial thread, but not as a “new post”. This will make it easier for me to draw the winner’s name.

I look forward to seeing your pieces!

PS - please don’t be offended if I move chatter posts to the chatter page. :slight_smile:

My first piece is of FiberKind colors. :fk:


Oh, you’re really on the ball! Very pretty!

No way - you have one done! I haven’t even had a chance to look at my yarn stash but my house is all cleaned up - and I had a nice dip in the pool! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was motivated to get the ball rolling. :fk:

The piece isn’t as dark as it seems in the pic. Oh well - obligatory late night photo.


Love it!

Very nice!!

My first rectangle done… Now to find the next yarn and stitch pattern.

DSCN5844 (2).JPG

Very nice!

beautiful!!! :slight_smile:

Woot woot! I found stash yarn but have to do math for the pattern…maybe tonight there will be time.

Thank you all. I’m having fun with this project.

This looks great.


ETA: New picture, taken outside - not on an orange foam blocking mat. Closer to the real color.

Finished my first rectangle. It is prettier when stretched open, it’s kind of stretchy like ribbing. So, I don’t use acrylic much. This measures about 8-1/2" but easily stretches to 9" and looks better stretched. Do I attempt to block it or let the blanket assembler stretch it as she assembles? Also, this picture doesn’t show that it is a dark teal.



I love the stitch pattern.

I think the assembler can stretch as she goes. :slight_smile:

This is a beautiful piece! :slight_smile:

Great pattern and color!

Looks great!