Fine gauge looms

Does anyone use the fine gauge looms. I have multiple sizes and shapes and haven’t been happy with anything started. I think it is because I used worsted and I really should be using dk.
Maybe a basic rectangle shawl using a light dk would make working on it tolerable. Good excuse to buy a couple of cakes!

Im trying Caron Simply Soft. They list it as a worsted but I get 12 WPI which makes it a DK. It is pretty thin. I think its going to be a case of needing it rather than having it and coming up with something to make on it.

I checked my littlest fine gauge, and what I have on there is “I love this Yarn” cotton. I think it’s a sport weight…yarn weight 4, medium, it says. Took me a bit to check, because I have been traveling, but this is the loom I brought with me.

Have you tried using a different stitch?

I own several small gauge looms. (3/16”, 5/16”, 1/4” ,3/8” and up). It depends on which small gauge u are planning to use. On the 3/16” & 5/16” gauges I use #1 (fingering), for the 1/4”& 3/8” gauges I use #2 or #3 (DK). You can use #4 weight yarn on 3/8” and above. It also depends on the project you plan on making. Sorry if you this is too much info. :relaxed::grin: