Fiberkind Store "Service Unavailable" Error

Hi, I set up my store in the marketplace, and I’ve been waiting for moderation approval. However, for the past two days, when trying to log into my store, I get a giant red sign saying “Service Unavailable”, and can’t proceed. Is the vendor service down?

Annotation 2019-11-09 212657.jpg

@DuchessOfAvon I have sent a message to Admin.

@DuchessOfAvon Hi sorry I haven’t been near a computer in a couple days, I just approved the mosaic pattern, looking at the others, I updated the pattern to be available after full payment.

Can you post the link you’re going to when you get the service unavailable? I’ve seen that before if people setup a customer account and vendor account using the same login I think.

Thank you @Admin . Sorry, I just consulted my password manager and found that I recently updated my password. I think it was because I was using my old password. Once I used the new one it let me log in.

Sorry again!

I use the same login for customer and vendor and it works OK. :blush: