Fiberkind pics loading in my Google Photos account

In the past, I have accessed Fiberkind through the website, but I downloaded the Fiberkind app over the weekend.

I must have misunderstood something in the preferences/settings because I am now getting pictures from Fiberkind loading to my Google Photos account/app (sorry I don’t know the right terms).

I looked up why this might happen and Google says it might be a permission I gave to another app. Sounds right because it only started after I downloaded the Fiberkind app.

I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find anything to “switch off” to make this stop. I can delete the app, but I thought I would check here first. Suggestions???


Hi, Ellen,
I know the ap is linked to the google play store, so somehow it must have something toggled to automatically download pictures. Very odd. I don’t have the ap, but @FreedomLover uses it I believe. Maybe she has a suggestion?

I really don’t like the ap as it doesn’t flow nicely in my opinion. I just use the mobile website which seems to be very good.


You can also set a “bookmark” on your phone to go directly to the website on your browser :slight_smile:

I went ahead and uninstalled the app. I have an icon on my phone’s home screen that I usually use and I will just stick with that. I was trying out the app because the font is MUCH larger and I like that feature a lot. I kinda know how to navigate on the website from my phone so it is probably smarter for me to just stay with what I know.

I do have the app but I rarely use it as I’m usually on my laptop. I use the phone to post pictures but I don’t have a Google photos account, so the pictures are just in my gallery. I hope that makes sense.

@EllenDeKnitter I know I’m late on this, but do you have google sync turned on? I did it once by mistake and it took me quite a while to figure it out but the same thing happened.

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