Fiber sources

On our first site, we had a nice list of sources for fiber from vendors we could feel good about supporting, so I am going to try and post some of these here for now until we get our Marketplace up and running. Feel free to add more in the comments below!

The Wooly Cabin

Rolling Ranch

Blue Moon Alpacas

Briar Rose Fibers

I’m so glad to see Inglenook Fibers on this list… I have several gorgeous braids in my stash. Macrina is such a lovely person and her fiber is always outstanding. I hope we can get her to join over here, as I miss the discussions in her group.

Was she on our first Unraveled site? Or are you referring to Ravelry? If she wasn’t on our first site, it would be good to reach out to her and ask if she’d like to join us…We’re over 3000 strong already! I can ask our Admin to connect with her if you’re not comfortable with it. If she knows we’re putting up a marketplace and realizes how many people are already here, she might be willing to join us.

@rkennell, I don’t know if she joined the first Unraveled or not; I was referring to her Ravelry group. I will have to hunt for her email, as I used to communicate with her primarily through Ravelry. If our Admin wants to personally invite her, I think that would be a great idea too, as he could better explain the vendor features to her.

I’ll send her name to him and maybe when he has a spare moment, he can invite her. Thanks!

Thanks for adding me to your list! We have a herd of 33 huayaca alpacas whose fiber we have turned in to roving and spun into yarn. Hope you will take the time to look at my Etsy store check out my Blog about life here on our ranch.
Happy trails, Diana

Wow! Thanks for reposting this! It is so hard to start over but, we must do what must be done.

You’re welcome–I hope this brings some business your way!!

It is hard, you’re so right, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy, so we’ll keep plugging forward!

I recently got some beautiful fiber from Caroline at Greenwood Fiberworks. It looks like she is currently working on setting up her webpage fiber for spinning right now can be found in her Etsy store

Her fiber looks absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing her link. Hopefully she’ll consider setting up here on our marketplace when it is up and running.

@rkennell I sent her an email through her website inviting her to check us out.

Sweet! Hope she can join us! Thanks for reaching out to her.

A new place to look for fibers is the whole SE2SE (Shave Em to Save Em) initiative to preserve threatened breeds of sheep. We have a thread going for this and there is also a FB page for this. A whole new fun way to to feed your addiction. So yes, I’m officially an enabler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for enabling us to save more sheep and have more fiber and worry about having all that fiber and wondering what to do with all that fiber and having so many ideas we don’t know where to start and having dying ideas that we want to try and experimenting with spinning techniques and then coming to this place to hash it all out. Yes…thank you!

@Floppy2, you’re welcome!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just joined (is that the right word) the SE2SE! I got some Black Welsh Mountain from a farm in CO and started spinning it last weekend. I love being able to try so many different breeds!

@Yarnyentrecht how do you like the Black Welsh Mountain so far? I haven’t gotten any of that yet.

@Yarnyentrechat and @Carlota, Could ya’ll move your discussion over to the SE2SE thread? It would be great to have it there so the rest of us in SE2SE would benefit from your discussion! I’ve just received my first 2 fibers and I’m eager to learn from those who are becoming experienced with different fibers! Thanks!

@rkennell Yes, I deleted here and will ask in the other thread! Thanks!