February Sock KAL - CHAT

February is all about Love :two_hearts: so this month our theme is choosing a pattern or designer that one of our fellow knitters love.

Please share one of your favorite patterns (free patterns please) or your favorite designer and a link to where people can find the patterns.

I’ll start. Tina Kuu is one of my favorite sock designers. I like that a lot of her patterns are interesting but don’t have “cold air holes” or bulky cables. I’ve knit “Lady in Waiting” and “Kontio.” Unfortunately, Kontio is not on her website.


I have made Mary Henninger’s Syncopation socks but with a short row heel and I love them. She has quite a few free sock patterns on her blog and I find her way of presenting the instructions easy to follow. But if you want to download a pdf, that’s only on R. Syncopation is sized for a man’s sock but it’s pretty easy to adjust for size. Or try one of the other patterns! I think she is mostly toe up, for the record.
This link is to Syncopation but there’s a little red drop down arrow that will reveal the other free sock patterns

I like that pattern.

We need some pattern/designer recommendations from everyone.

I looked at the Syncopation pattern. That is the most confusing pattern I’ve ever seen. It would probably be fine to follow but since I do cuff down, I would need to flip it. That’s easy to do with a chart but I’m not sure what’s going on with this pattern. What’s with the repeats of the “motifs?” I don’t see any difference between them. I’ve never seen a pattern write out a pattern repetition over and over. Am I missing something?

I have no idea why she actually writes it out for each repeat instead of saying something like, repeat rounds 1-12 x number of times. I didn’t use her heel instructions so I just repeated the little chart until I was ready for my heel and then repeated the chart till I was ready for my cuff.

@KnitsWithHorses - Thanks for mentioning that little chart. I hadn’t noticed it. It really is a simple pattern. She makes it seem much more complicated than it is.

@lovestostitch Yeah I wouldn’t want to have to print that all out. Lol I think she was attempting to make it very clear for first timers or something.

I know I already posted one but I have another one that might work for more people. If anyone hasn’t tried any of the many free patterns from Wendy Johnson you definitely should. She has a variety of styles and techniques. She was one of my main go-tos until I started making up my own socks largely thanks to all the things I learned from her patterns.


I may have a problem if some other people don’t post some recommendations. I bet @Nyssareen n will have something if she gets feeling well enough.

I have done a Tiina Kuu pattern already. I would love to try another one though. Well… Actually, I just used the color chart from her pattern and plugged it into my sock formula and put it on a hat too. Does that count?

@KnitsWithHorses - I also love the pattern “Ugly Duckling.” It is a simple mosaic pattern that is perfect for an ugly colorway or self striping yarn. I’m not that fond of self striping yarn but I love how it turns out with Ugly Duckling. Ugly Duckling is free but I think the only place to get is on R.

I LOVE the Ugly Duckling sock pattern, but it is only available on R :disappointed: fortunately, I do already have it, but that doesn’t help those who didn’t already get it. I do have a couple of patterns that I have not tried yet, but absolutely love so I will share them.

Don’t You Want Me Intarsia Socks

Em Dash Mosaic Socks

Geek More-Interesting Self-Striping Yarn Socks

Gothix Slipped-Stitch Cable-Look Socks

I just looked up Ugly Duckling. You don’t have to have a R account to see patterns. Sad news to report - the pattern is no longer available. I couldn’t find it anywhere else either. I’m glad I have a copy.

Great patterns!

I’m glad I got a copy too! It’s a great pattern for that weird yarn that just doesn’t work on its own.

Those are all great but I really love the Gothix socks.

@KnitsWithHorses Aren’t they gorgeous! :heart_eyes: I haven’t tried them yet, but I plan to soon. You may have noticed that I have a crush on slipped stitch techniques atm. :joy:

So, I liked the Ugly Duckling pattern as well. My question is–isn’t it just a slip-stitch/mosaic pattern? I mean, couldn’t a person almost just use the Fish Lips Kiss style of sock (or whatever your go-to sock pattern is) and just slip-stitch and carry the 2 yarns along? I’m assuming it has floats on the inside.

@rkennell - Ugly Duckling is a mosaic. You use two different skeins of yarn but you only knit with one strand per row. You don’t carry the other color so no floats. Here’s a good explanation:


Here is a picture of Ugly Duckling:


Here is a picture of the inside of the sock:


Yes, it is a slip-stitch mosaic that is just a basic block pattern. I didn’t think about just looking for other mosaic sock patterns and there are others out there. This is a pretty cool-looking one, and the page goes over all the ins and outs of slip-stitch mosaic socks. I may have to make this one just because I think it looks like a cool pattern!