February 3, 2020 Newsletter

February 3, 2020 Newsletter

Planned Outage
We have a planned on 2/8/2020 at 5:30 am EST. We anticipate approximately two hours of intermittent outages. Thank you for your patience.

FiberKind is introducing a new streamlined Marketplace Directory, which I am sure you will find convenient and enjoy visiting. Each designer or vendor of patterns and/or crafting goods is invited to upload a PDF of their free patterns or post a link to their website where their patterns or crafting goods can be found. If you wish to list your items and do not see the “Marketplace Directory” please PM me. Members will have access to this area soon. Each customer of the discontinued marketplace will be receiving a PDF of their purchased patterns.

New Features
Our programmers are working diligently to provide additional features to the site. Many thanks to @HeatherAthebyne , @DebbiRYarn and @Name_Null for their work behind the scenes to provide these features.

How members can help maintain and grow the FiberKind community
Affiliate Marketing
FiberKind has subscribed to various affiliate marketing programs. When purchasing through an affiliate, please click through one of the FiberKind links. When doing so, FiberKind will receive a percentage of your purchase with no additional cost to you. Adding an affiliate extension to pattern links can also help FiberKind and is easy to do. If you wish to receive more information about affiliate marketing, please PM me for the details.

Quality Content
Content brings users and convinces them to become regular visitors and contributors, increasing traffic and activity.

Donations are always welcome and necessary to keep the site going until we can generate revenues in other ways to support server and maintenance costs.

There is a PayPal button at the bottom of the forum home page. Both one-time donations and regular monthly donations are appreciated.