February 2022 ❤️

So my brain may be overly cold with the wintery blustery weather, but I was trying to think of something fun for February. February is the month for love, hearts, and fun valentines here in the US. My mind went astray, and decided this month’s theme should be (keep it clean!) body parts! :slight_smile:

If that means you make something for a body part like socks or mittens, or make something with body parts like hearts or eyes or something - that’s the direction my mind took me.

I want to remind everyone to keep it clean and G rated. :slight_smile:

@Char Love your theme idea.

World Nutella Day is on Feb.05.
Perhaps I can have a special snack while crafting something with a heart theme. I made heart shaped, crocheted, drink coasters one year. That was fast, fun and functional…but doesn’t cover any body part in a ‘G’ rated way. LOL.

There are all sorts of silly holidays during the year.
Apparently…the 27th was national chocolate cake day.
I missed it, so will have to celebrate this weekend.:wink:

:fk:To those who may celebrate with family and friends this month…Happy Chinese New Year.

In my part of California we have a lot of people celebrating. Fireworks sounded late last night, festivities will continue for days.
I will celebrate with them by paying attention to their businesses.

Note: Lots of countries celebrate this New Year. (not just China) My catholic hairdresser is originally from Vietnam, she celebrates by giving her customers red envelopes filled with money. Bless her heart…she helps other girls/women who have managed to make it to our area. Those poor girls have gone through so much.
Did you all know that the Sacramento, Ca area is a Huge sex trafficking area. We just had a big sting where 55 men were arrested.

Chinese New Year lanterns.jpg

I would feel terrible taking the money. We have Chinese neighbors who have shared special Chinese treats (Mooncakes) with us. We really enjoy learning about other cultures and their foods. We have another Chinese friend in the neighborhood who loves to cook and he brings us food! It all started when I gave him veggies from my garden. We then learned that eggs cooked with tomatoes is a very common Chinese dish.


Thank you for mentioning that group @Nyssareen . I put the link above in case anyone is interested in learning more. It’s not a political group as far as I can tell…they are about rescuing and helping the victims adapt and succeed after rescue. ( I’m sorry you are still sick. I hope you are feel like your regular self very soon.)

@lovestostitch most people do not take the money. We tell her to pass it along to someone who needs it more. I have seen her take money out of her cash register and walk with a homeless man to the restaurant next door and buy him food. Everyone always over tips her and her ladies. Although, you have to be sneaky and just leave cash when she can’t see you.

Went to the local market and bought all sorts of veggies a bit of chicken and shrimp and sweet potato noodles. Looking forward to a yummy meal.

Well it looks like it’s my turn… I’m Covid positive. Just feels like a run of the mill flu so far. Cameron was released to go back to work so, weather permitting, he’ll be flying back to Utah by the weekend. I’m so happy for him. Gini is definitely doing better. She did a bunch of laundry and started trying to clean her house but realized she doesn’t fully have her stamina back yet. But still huge improvements. We are predicted to get around 7" of snow and they don’t think our area will get too much ice and I really hope they are correct. Hope everyone is staying safe with all the crazy weather and even enjoying it whenever possible. When my kids were young they would have been all excited that they might get to do some skiing. But we don’t live in the mountains now so I’m out if the snow habit. Lol

@Nyssareen I do have some Mucinex but I don’t remember which variety. No cough so far just a sinus type headache and runny nose with fever and body aches and extreme fatigue. I fall asleep in the middle of activities. I am sticking to crochet as crochet hooks are less unpleasant to roll over on. Having to set timers on my audiobooks constantly so I have a hope of finding what I last heard. That kind of thing. I really do hope I’m not sick a long time. I am so sorry that you are staying sick so long! That is hard to deal with. Hope your son and brother are doing better and that you get some improvement really soon.

I’m happy to hear Gini and Cameron are on the mend. I hope yours will be mild and you’ll be feeling good soon.

I’m sorry you are under the weather, glad those around you are perking up, though. :slight_smile:

I hope you are feeling better soon as well, that’s good news about Cameron and Gini.

We have an area near us, with a suspicious number of motels on a busy throughway that turns out to be a center for human trafficking and similarly, girls enslaved by drug addicition. That group you mention looks great. I also support a group called International Justice Mission, who rescue people enslaved around the world. https://www.ijm.org/

Enjoy Chinese New Year! One thing I do miss about the San Francisco Bay Area, sticky buns, great food from all over the world…dim sum!!

I hope you feel better soon!!

What a great way to get through the dark days of winter: celebrate All The Days! Particularly the food ones!!

@KnitsWithHorses I hope you feel better soon. (Please be careful with that crochet hook. One time we went to the ER and they were able to just pull out the knitting needle. They told us if it had been a crochet hook they would have had to surgically remove it.)

Ouch! I’m glad I knit in a La-Z-Boy that swallows things. Stuff goes down the sides and falls on the floor. I periodically tip the chair over and retrieve the goodies - lots of stitch markers!

It’s snowing like crazy and it’s supposed to keep snowing through Thursday with accumulation up to 12". I think we’ve gotten about 6" already.

I’m sitting in my comfy chair knitting and I had laid a heating pad across my feet because they are always cold. After awhile my feet started feeling cold. I looked down to see if my heating pad had turned off because it has an auto off function. It was still on but it had been dragged a foot away from my feet and there was a white furry body laying on it! I reclaimed it and put it back on my feet. Little while later, I feel a tugging sensation. She was after my heating pad again. I told her it was mine so she laid as close to my feet as she could. I guess someone needs a heated dog bed.

I’m working on these socks for our Sock KAL. This month you have to choose a pattern that one of our members loves. This is one of @KnitsWithHorses recommendations.


Wow it sounds so cold where you girls are. I hope you feel better soon and stay warm. We are sweltering through summer down here and snow sounds very tempting. Take care.

Those pups are very cunning - mine would do the same :slight_smile:

@KnitsWithHorses, I hope you are feeling better at least by Friday!
but please take it easy on yourself this week.

@LizB - It’s just a little snow! This is a Midwest workout - shoveling snow instead of jogging. At least my husband has the help of our son. I don’t have to help because I wanted to buy a snow blower but hubby says they take up too much space in the garage. We struck a deal - he shovels!