February 2021 chatter

I hope you are off to a LOVEly February!!! Stay warm, stay healthy.

AND CRAFT ON! :slight_smile:

I finally finished my sock leftovers lap afghan. It’s meant to be more functional than pretty, thank goodness! A great stash buster project, a good learning experience for me with a Corner-2-Corner stitch.


It is very pretty! :slight_smile:

I think it’s very pretty! It almost seems like it is in motion, if that makes sense.

Well the test knit sweater i thought would be a great Stashbuster ended up requiring me to add to my stash. :confused: But in the bright side I got an incredible deal on this yarn and it is incredibly soft with a beautiful, rich color. It is pretty delicate. Like it’s quite loosely spun so you can pull it apart if you are too rough. But you can easily spit join it so, no knots! This is a really pretty design so I can’t wait to wear it and to show y’all.



You did a great job.
Thanks for showing us the blanket.

This looks like an amazing color. I am seeing it as a beautiful green. Would you give us the info on the yarn…color…etc, please?
Can’t wait to see the final project.

Well done!!

I love the color!!

I got the back panel done for my first try at a sweater (my very long-term project). I’m pretty excited since that was the largest piece of the 6 I have to knit.

Only 5 parts to go!


It’s actually a deep forrest green. It’s called Tehete Merino Blend. On Amazon you can get a bag of 12 balls at over 200 yards each for $35 or you can buy one at a time or a 4 pack. Since I needed a sweater’s worth and didn’t technically have any yarn budget, the 12 pack was a life saver. I’ll add a photo of the label. I had to read all the reviews to get an idea of the gauge and yardage as it literally isn’t listed on the label. My gauge is about 22sts to 4" on a size 4 needle but my gauge is generally bigger/looser than most people. I suspect it would be more like 24sts for most people.

Ooh I like the color! You are brave. My first several sweaters were for babies and small children. I didn’t start making adult sweaters for years. It looks like it is coming out quite nicely though!

The color is so pretty and can’t wait to see more progress!! Keep up the great work…

You have a great start, please keep us posted on your progress. Beautiful yarn!

Looks beautiful, such a rich green!

Not knitting related, but I just signed up for an appointment to get my vaccine. First apt is March 4 but I’m in.

@knitter131 did you see that Indiana has dropped the age to 65? Odd thing Steve’s computer still shows 70, but I got a message from the state dept of health, and it was 65.

That is awesome!

I got my first on Saturday, 2nd scheduled February 27th.

I like it!

Looking good. I really like the color :slight_smile: