February 2020 Finished Socks Only Please

Hello! I’m actually posting this a day early - I feel like I’ve been late lately. Wonder why :fk:

Here is the finished thread for our February 2020 KAL - if you have a sock in progress, the “in progress sock” does not count but the finished pair does.

As always you may choose any pattern and amend for size and preferences. You may also multi-dip with other make alongs, as long as that organizer is good with it.

Please post an entry (use the “post reply” button) for the following:

  • first finished sock (or two through the heels)
  • pair finished
  • featured pattern
  • featured theme
  • Festured color
@knitter131 is donating a skein of yarn this month. It is a lovely pink sock yarn in the spirit of our color(s) of the month. :-)

Please remember - new posts (using the “post reply” button) are for finished sock entries only - oohs, ash’s, and Thank you’s should be posted as comments (press the three dots at the bottom right hand side of the post) not as new posts. This makes it easier on me at the end of the month to draw a random number winner! :wink: Even one sock finished has a chance to win, so be sure to post pictures and knit socks! I’m off to wind my yarn now. :fk:


I finished these today. They were a WIP from last month.

The yarn is Regia - Wool and the Gang pairfect line. I have another pair of this style. The next yarn I will likely cut out the heel, add an inch or inch and a half to the leg before inserting the heel. It was a fun knit!


What technique do you cut out the heel and then add on to the leg? What is the benefit of that versus just making the leg the length you want from the start?

One done!


@lovestostitch this is an odd ball of yarn. It places the heel in the middle of the ball, anticipating you will cut out the heel yarn, use the provided waste yarn to create stitches for an afterthought heel later. I thought that was kinda silly so I just went into my short row heel and went along my merry way.

At the toe I had to cut out a few rows worth of yarn in order for the ending stripes to be where they needed to be.

The cuff itself was only 5” long, and there is lots of toe yarn left over. I have another ball of this in pink. For that ball I’ll cut out the heel, knit another inch or inch and a half, and then put the heel in. :slight_smile:

Does that help?

Two done through the heel :smiley:

2020-02-07 10.18.12.jpg

Very nice!!! You are just booking along!

Pretty heart design. Perfect for February!

@Rose the Rebel I’m going to have to take pictures with my next pair. :slight_smile:

@Char - interesting about the yarn. Did the label include the info that they expected you to do an after thought heel? I’ve never heard of that but I don’t really read the labels.

I’m looking forward to seeing it. I love to learn new stuff!

@lovestostitch yes - it came with instructions, even bright yellow scrap yarn for the afterthought heel. It was kinda odd, really. But if your gauge is correct it was set up to make a “perfect” sock (in EU sizes though).

I’ve used the pairfect yarn before and just knit the whole sock without taking out for heels, maybe because it wasn’t patterned?? I’ll try and post pictures

Equivalent of one sock completed, toe-up through the heels. These will be “summer shorties”, with about a 3" cuff.


These are gorgeous!



Very nice!!! Don’t forget to post your extra entry for the featured color!

Featured color


Love the pattern AND that they are toe up. What pattern is that? Can you post a link?

My red/pink Valentine’s day socks are finished :relaxed: