Favorite YouTube channels on Machine Knitting

I’ve recently been spending my time on any number of YouTube machine knitting channels - some of my favorites are listed below:

Knitting on the Hooks - EXCELLENT for beginning machine knitters - she goes from the very beginning, covering each part of the knitting machine and how to use it.

The Knitting School - also has a lot of very basic techniques

Diana Sullivan and Roberta Rose Kelley both have a TON of videos demonstrating various techniques, from different cast on/cast offs, different stitch techniques, etc.

Susan Guagliumi does a lot of hand manipulation to achieve some beautiful and amazing things with the most basic machines.

The Answer Lady Knits is a fun channel - her husband used to do knitting machine repair (I think he’s retired now) - and they do a lot of videos to show people how to take the machines apart and clean and maintain them. She also does some technique videos - I almost wish they had created two separate channels, just because there are SO many videos to sort through.

What are your favorites??

You hit most of my favorites with the last four! I’m a big fan of those channels, and their creators. But I must add that I still visit the FB & Yahoo Groups that deal with MK. There are so many, many super experienced people on those boards. I think I’m going to make a list & personally invite them to come visit here.

Cheryl Brunette does wonderful things with the Bond machine - it’s plastic and you can get one for $100 on eBay. I got one. It works! She is an excellent teacher.

Hi, I recently started a you tube channel called Danelichic Handemade. Here is a link to one of the videos. https://youtu.be/jxE3kCXHYuc

Fruity Knitting Episode 105 features Machine Knitting: