Favorite Sweater yarn?

I am really wanting to get into knitting sweaters more (I’ve only done a couple of them) and I am looking for a sturdy but soft and snuggly warm yarn for all-purpose wear, i.e. a basic cardigan or even a pullover that can handle regular wear and tear in the wintertime. I think I want it to have a merino base, but I would definitely be open to other animal fibers (read–preferably no acrylic), but a small percentage of nylon or silk or other fibers mixed in is okay. I just want it to be warm and not saggy-baggy! So I’d love to know what you all consider your favorite go-to yarns for this type of project. Superwash would be great, but I am not against non-superwash either, if it holds up to my specs.

My current favorite is knit picks twill or the bare version that I dye myself superwash merino twist. It’s soft, heavy. Has great stitch definition and just feels good

Thank you @thasista --so my question is, are those both the same yarn? I have some fiber dye here that I used for dying wool for spinning, and could definitely do the same with the yarn. Also, have you tried Knit picks City Tweed in the DK weight?

Yes they are the same yarn. Yes I really like city tweed as well. It’s a bit more fuzzy very soft and must be hand washed but I do enjoy working with it. I have SQs if both DK and Aran weight in city tweed. I am currently knitting a sweater in felici worsted available only bare. It’s a washable yarn and.m very soft.

Good to know–thanks! I have a basic cardigan pattern I just bought that calls for DK yarn and she recommended her own yarn, which was a merino/nylon mix (I think maybe 80/20), but I would think the city tweed from KP would be super soft and warm with alpaca in it. I don’t mind handwashing it since I generally don’t wash cardigans every time I wear them. In fact, I probably err on the side of not washing them enough! The Felici worsted looks tempting, especially to dye and then knit. Might have to try that some time!