Favorite stitch dictionary

Hi Fiberkind!

What’s your favorite Crochet Stitch Dictionary? Which one would you recommend if someone were going to buy just one (for now)?

I would like to spice up my “well known” patterns with some new, interesting, and inspiring stitches, especially squishy/fluffy ones like Mini Bean, Puff, and Waffle. I’m trying to decide between the few main stitch dictionaries out there.

Thank you!

@alpacamybags - Based on your post, I might suggest that rather than purchasing a new stitch dictionary, you could print the link and instructions as found online, place them in a page protector, and collect them in a ring binder. Then you’ll have a personal collection of your favorite new stitches.

@alpacamybags I purchased “The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs” by Linda P Schapper. It has 500 patterns with pictures, written instructions and charts. Very comprehensive and easy to find what you are interested in. It includes all basic stitches plus patterns you can use with them. I highly recommend if you are only purchasing one book.

@qfknit Saving interesting stitches is a good idea! I am looking for a curated collection to flip through for ideas, though. I don’t know what stitches I haven’t discovered yet. :slight_smile:

@knitter131 Thank you! That one looks great and I hadn’t run across it yet. I will probably start there.