Favorite Podcast?

If you like to listen to a podcast while you knit/crochet/weave/spin, what’s your favorite?

Mine is the Candace Owens show. https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/
Candace interviews such notables as Ben Carson, Mike Pence, Sheriff David Clarke, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon and the like. With wit and intelligence she showcases her guests, so entertainment becomes education in a very palatable way. Highly recommended listen!

What’s yours?

Great question… where to begin. Listening to podcasts while knitting (or driving) is my favorite!! I am hooked on Crime Junkie. The series The Shrink Next Door was really good, S Town was also good. I’ll give the Candace Owens show a shot and see if it appeals to me but I generally steer away from anything political and like the story side of things. Anybody else have any favorites?

I love listening to Rush Limbaugh, so Candace Owens would also probably be someone I’d enjoy! But generally that I reserve for times when I’m the car going somewhere. When I’m doing anything with fiber–spinning, knitting, crochet–I like to relax a bit more, so try to find something either fiber-related (see my post of this in the spinning forum) or something like a movie. I also enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow with my hubby. If they are on for 2 hours, it provides 2 solid hours of good spinning!

My favorite is the Cherry Heart podcast by Sandra Paul. She crochets, knits, and sometimes sews and weaves. I find inspiration and motivation from her and I love the things she makes.

I have been watching A Lovely Yarn. Love her projects and color choices. She uses a variety of yarns and many are inexpensive. She doesn’t seem to be trying to sell me anything.

You should check out Real Life Real Crime! I’m hopelessly addicted! (I’m also completely caught up on Crime Junkies and recently binge-ing Small Town Dicks.)

I’m looking it up right now. Thanks @suthernknitwitt!!

@Suthernknitwitt I’m hooked on Small Town Dicks. I like it as much as Crime Junkies!! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I’ll try Real Life Crime Next!

I usually just listen to Cemetery Confessions, a goth podcast. While I don’t always agree with what they say (especially since a lot of things is irreverent to the community and some discussions are uncomfortable or feels isolating as sometimes I feel they perpetuate some of the stereotypes many of us actually have to deal with), I do like how they keep everyone up to date with events, new music and reviews and sometimes have interesting guests from all over. My favorite is the Gothquisition episode that they do towards the end of the year as they more humorous.

They tend to be long, so it good for when working on a project that are repetitive (don’t have focus on the reading the pattern or watching tutorials), like scarfs and blankets.

I listened and watched some true crime ones as well as they can be fascinating. I get easily bored, so I like the podcasts that are more entertaining.

Mysterious Universe - 2 theosophical researchers with an in depth and comical review on books from a theosophical library
Alien Theorists Theorizing - conspiracies about some of the worlds most intriguing mysteries, comical, lots of drinking lol, young guys

Both have no filter, ive been religiously listening to both for years.

Darknet diaries - stories about hackers and their journies, arrests, impact on the world, stories about penatration testers as well.

I had not really tried to subscribe to many podcasts or YouTube shows until I got sick with Covid this July. I quickly got tired of watching whatever they thought I needed to watch. In no particular order. Sorry for the long list…Maybe it will help someone.

~The Proverbs 31 Ministries
~Coronavirus 411 podcast
~The Way I Heard It …Mike Rowe (stories written in similar style to “The rest of the story” by Paul Harvey)
~NPR News Now
~Dave Ramsey

You Tube:
~Larry Elder
~Jeanne Robertson comedian)
~Prager U
~ Marly Bird
~FiberSpider (I find his teaching easy to follow along with)
~ ExpressionFiberArts
~TL Yarn Crafts
~Dry Bar Comedy (very funny clean comedy)

What a treasure trove! Thank you for sharing!

I love Jeanne Robertson.

Oh my yes, Jeanne Robertson is something else. I also enjoy the Dry Bar Comedy and Mike Rowe. This is a great list!

Hey! I love podcasts, and most I “watch” on Youtube. I put watch in quotes because most times I am just listening unless I am really interested in seeing their wips or a technique.
I just discovered that there are Knitting (and probably other crafty things) podcasts on SPOTIFY. So, definitely check that out. Interweave has a Knitting NerdCast. My only non-knitting podcast favs are usually Outlander-related, but I also like Craftlit, which is just audio, where she reads or has someone read a book, chapter by chapter, and then discusses it. The podcaster is very lit-knowledgeable. (She’s a little on the liberal side, though, if that bothers you.)

@hereami I love Mike Rowe and I’m enjoying his podcast right now so I wanted to say thanks for mentioning that one! I usually only listen to crafting, history or health related pods but this one is great.

Do you have any podcast recommendations? I have gotten busy and neglected my podcasts/ you tube subscription lists.
My college age son also watches game play. (not sure of which online games. I am thinking it is several. Depends on his mood and what is available)