Favorite Patterns

What are your favorite patterns to make? is there a free or paid pattern that you keep going back to and making over and over again?

For me I keep making the Walk About [/https://grizzlygulchgallery.com/shop…sistible-iris/] as I can pick the 3 fabrics needed fairly easily (I tend to be indecisive) and it has easy to follow directions. I love that the pattern goes from lap to king size and I can make a baby size by taking the border off the lap sized one. This is the first quilt pattern I ever made aside from a jelly roll race quilt and I have made around 5 since. If I find a line of fabrics that I like then I will sometimes purchase enough to make this quilt as it is a pattern that truly lends itself to a good feature fabric.

I have also made several Baby Bella Quilts [/http://www.fabriceditions.com/shop/c/p/Bella-Baby-Quilt-x18779140.htm]as they work up quite quickly & use 6 FQs. As my local Michaels I can get FQs for $2 each so this can make a quick and reasonably priced baby gift. I have also found that I can get extra pieces out of the FQs to make this quilt larger which is nice as well.

That’s a lovely pattern! Thank you for sharing it…:slight_smile:

I love watching Jenny Doan on YouTube and have made a few using her tutorials. I had some leftover strips and am currently working on a crib sized quilt with large pinwheels made using a strip set. I got the idea from Pinterest but now can’t find the picture to link to it.

I do lots of charity quilts. Some of my favorite patterns for that are Jenny Doan’s Double Slice Layer Cake,

Take 5 Quilt… paid pattern. Here’s one of mine:

Warm Wishes… a free pattern that goes together so quickly and always looks great!


[SIZE=14px]Someone asked me in another thread to show my Warm Wishes quilt. I don’t remember who it was, or where, but I hope she finds it here. It’s just a top at this stage. All made from the $1 clearance fabric acquired recently from Walmart.[/SIZE]


I love watching her videos and that I can get digital copies of her patterns!

I started watching her several years ago when I was new to quilting. At the time I thought MSQC hired the perfect woman to be their spokesperson. :wink: The story of her, her family and their town is really inspiring.