Favorite Christmas or wintery yarn?

What is your favorite festive-looking yarn?

I’d like to crochet a few Christmas-themed things. Red Heart Super Saver in Mistletoe is definitely Christmas-y, but I am not sure how it will look in person.

I have a soft spot for multicolor yarn. The effect of lots of little color variations is so neat.

@alpacamybags , yes Mistletoe yarn says Christmas for me. I like it for crocheting small projects , like washcloths and weaving table runners. One of my favorite colors (theres many) is a certain pale green and light pink together , like a Christmas-y sugar cookie with sparkles of pink and green sugar on top. I’m looking for that yarn : ). I going to blend fibers and make an art batt and see if I can spin up a Christmas cookie yarn : ) Happy Holidays!

Thank you! I will give Mistletoe a try.

I love the idea of a pale green/light pink sugar cookie in yarn form!

I am looking for a Christmas-colored wool yarn, DK or worsted weight. Any leads?

Opal makes a 6 ply that would be DK and they frequently have Christmas colorways but it might be hard to find so close to Christmas. Have you looked at Indie dyers? I wonder if some of the dyers in our marketplace would make something for you.

I was not familiar with Opal, but by searching came upon Simply Socks Yarn Company https://www.simplysockyarn.com/ that carries them–wow! What awesome yarn all over their site! I don’t really “need” any Christmas colored yarn, or any other yarn right now, as I have plenty of projects to carry me through spring, but …

I started my project with the Red Heart Super Saver in Mistletoe and I’m kind of disappointed. It’s really tough and sticky and kind of difficult to work with, much more so than my other Super Saver yarn. I don’t know if it’s the dying process or what.

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they had some I Love This Yarn Metallic in “Christmas”, which seemed much softer and more pleasant to work with. It was the same red-green-white color pattern plus some silver sparkle thread woven through. I am going to try to snag some of that right quick and give it a try.

This is one of the patterns I settled on making in case anyone else is looking for a nice quick little Christmas project (the creator says she got down to 45 mins per garland after some practice). https://www.mymerrymessylife.com/crochet-christmas-star-granny-garland-free-pattern/

@alpacamybags I just finished this Christmas Stocking in Mistletoe - I used “planned pooling” to get an idea how many stitches I should use for an interesting design. I am sorry you found it rough. Red Heart does tend to wash up nice and soft…