Experience with Knitters Pride interchangeable Tunisian Hooks?

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Need some advice on the Knitters Pride Dreamz. I need a larger hook to do a project, a L or M hook, and Knitters Pride has come up in my search. Also in my research came up the caveat…after only a small amount of use the coating on the hooks wears off and the hook becomes rough.

Has anyone had experience with these hooks?

I have the Denise interchangeable and they do have 2 larger hooks in the set but they are plastic and I don’t like using them.

I would appreciate any comments about your experience with them before I plunk down the money to buy them.

Thanks guys.

I’ve been eyeing the Knitters Pride Dreamz for awhile, but haven’t taken the plunge. Though I do have a set of their interchangeable knitting needles & they’re among my favorites. I still use my Denise Tunisians quite regularly with no issues.

My objection to the Denise is that I don’t like to use plastic and I don’t care if it’s now called acrylic. It feels the same to me and it’s not good. I much prefer the bamboo and my favorite is still the metal. I have a lot of the older hooks that came in a long form but those were meant to make strips which were later joined. Joining isn’t my favorite thing to do either so I prefer to work a piece all in one long width.

I have since heard that the way around the wearing off of the coating on the Knitters Pride is to use wax. Someone even suggested a good rubbing with waxed paper might work. Someone else suggested a very fine grit sandpaper but I think the wax would do the trick.

Tracy at:

SKU: Tunisian/Afghan Hook:M (9.0mm)
Item price: $10.19
Seller: eBay - handsomefibers <vertic_jy5197le@members.ebay.com>

She sells individual sizes and the cords/stoppers separately. She was wonderful to work with, answering all of my questions and she has a 60 return policy.

You might want to order just one size and see how you like it. I don’t know what she charges for the smaller hooks as I was only interested in the larger sizes. I crochet and knit pretty tightly (ain’t gonna change my ways at this late stage :} ) so I need to go up at least 3 hook sizes to do TSS.

I use Carnauba Wax. It’s supposedly one of the best auto waxes and a guy that makes/sells wooden hooks swears by it and won’t use anything else. Once properly applied, it lasts a long time and has worked very well for me.

@pinesprairie My son who is into cars said the same thing. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve gotten good feedback on these hooks on another site so I’m pretty comfortable with having ordered them.

Also, if you really want a finish that lasts on lathe turned items, you can do a fine sanding and apply Wood Turners Finish (3 coats) before waxing. The only caveat is you need to have a dust free place to dry or the dust floats around and sticks causing bumps (then you have to sand and finish again). I do this on all my wood hooks and keep them waxed; have never had a problem with the finish coming off.


@pinesprairie Your suggestion is a little too deep for me. I think I’ll have bees wax or carnuba or the like on hand just in case. But thanks for the suggestion. It may help someone else.