Exclusive Summer Clearance & help for our new forum

[SIZE=12px]Welcome everyone–that’s what this new website is all about, right? Let’s keep the party going! Now is the time of year we have our biggest clearance sale on Dyed & Gone, so why not do our best for our generous Admins who have made this possible?

So rather than beginning with our registered customers, we are giving all our friends here first crack at these incredible bargains. Not only that, but we will donate 10% of the total sales amount to the “OurUnraveled Development Fund”! (Yes, I just made that name up, Ha!) This offer is exclusive to the forum for at least 3-7 days so you can have first choice.

All of these are premium famous maker yarns, purchased directly from the distributor, great for both knitting & crochet. We will begin with these 4 yarns, and add others every few days.
Take a look:

Trendsetter Acacia: Acacia is a beautiful multi-fiber warm weather yarn, with subtle monochromatic variation. It is a chain construction around a soft interior core. Drapes beautifully! Originally priced at 11.95/50g, D&G has offered this for 5.95, but you can have as much as you want for $4 per skein. COUPON CODE: ACACIA

Lang Giulia: This rayon yarn is a knitted tape, with just enough nylon in it for some visual texture. Easy to knit, drapes luxuriously, & perfect for summer use, originally 9.95 but now $3 per ball. COUPON CODE: GIULIA

Lana Grossa Roma: Amazing upscale cotton based tape printed with metallic highlights. Makes fabulous light weight projects with just a little glitz. Originally 12.99, order it now for $5 per ball. COUPON CODE: ROMA

Rowan Summerspun: The very last of this wool/cotton blend 2 color twist yarn that was so popular. New was 11.95, now $3 per ball. COUPON CODE: SUMMERSPUN

This is a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to stock up on yarns for large quantity projects, charitable crafting, crafting for holiday fairs, practice stock for classes, and so forth. Quantities are limited, some colors more than others. Uniform dye lots are not guaranteed, but we will do our best. Shipping within the USA is included. (We love our overseas customers, but cannot absorb the shipping charges, sorry!)

Because this sale is exclusive to OurUnraveled, you must enter the coupon code(s) on the checkout page to get the extra discount. Thank you for looking, and if these don’t appeal, just wait a few days for new items. AND OF COURSE, thank you for helping us make room in our warehouse, and helping OU! :cool:[/SIZE]

Acacia 151 Latte small.jpg

Roma 02 Black Copper small.jpg


Summerspun ball.jpg

This is wonderful! Thank you!

Love your selection and prices!