Excellent Article That Makes A Lot Of Sense

I posted this on the old site so I’m moving it over here so more people can read it. Best article I’ve read so far.


@TinaHill Thanks for sharing; I agree that it’s one of the best commentaries written about the situation.

Oh, I absolutely agree. The author nailed it. I find her profile of Jessica and Casey especially revealing.

I loved that article and shared it on my shop’s FB page (which lost me another follower, but oh well). It’s the best analysis I’ve seen so far.

Wonderful article - everyone should read it!

I agree that this is the best one so far.

You are correct; this is the best articulation of the whole crisis of our current social commentary in this country. Thank you so much for sharing this link!

Wonderful articleand I particularly love the last paragraph. It states everything so accurately. One day ‘r’ will come to realize that this is a slippery slope they are heading down. Maybe they need a history lesson to understand the consequences these type of actions create.

Profound and insightful. Thank you for posting.

@TinaHill Thanks for posting that very insightful article.

Thanks for posting this article. I’m still trying to make sense of all that is happening and this helps.

Well written and insightful! Thanks much for sharing it!

Me too @Amore

Good for you, that was brave of you! Way to go

Thank you for posting the link. I wish I saw more like it.

Best article I have read on subject! Thank you for sharing.

One of the most thoughtful articles of have read. Her take on what happened appears spot on!

Thank you for sharing, saw this shared on new facebook group that I joined after everything. Very insightful article and spot on.

Someone I follow on Instagram shared this with me because she’d been highlighted! Her name is Vone Kevitz and she’s a new designer who left R as soon as their policy came out. She is a conservative Christian who was born in Laos and immigrated with her parents (I think both of them). I discovered her when the “diversity” discussion was “hot” in January and she’d posted on YouTube about it; I think she was one of the first rational voices I’d heard on the subject. She’s found it “interesting” that since she disagrees with the policy, she’d be considered “white supremacist”. When you have a chance, look her up on YT and IG.

And yes, this article was excellent! I, too, appreciated the author’s insight into the Forbes’ background, along with their interview on Fruity Knitting!

What an excellent article! I am still shocked by what happened, and what continues to happen in the crafting community.