Entrance Instructions

[SIZE=20px]How to Enter:[/SIZE]

Create a topic in this category with the title (Type of Pattern) - (DesignerName) - (type of project or name of design) - (Status)

There are 4 statuses: Designing, Testers Needed, Testing, Final

For example: Sewing - Admin - Shawl - Designing

When you’re recruiting testers edit the title to be Testers Needed

Sewing - Admin - Shawl - Testers Needed

When you’re testers start move to testing, when you’re done your last post in your topic should be your entrance post and move the topic to Final. This should be exactly how you would sell your pattern in a market, all the information, photo’s, details a customer would need to buy your pattern from you.

Click the New Topic button, and title you topic with the pieces above like what BaadWolfKnits has in the picture.


After the contest is completed, all the entry posts will be moved into a single topic for each category (Knitting, Crochet, Sewing, Other Fiber). There will be a poll in each topic for people to vote for their favorite in that category. Voting will be open for 1 week and announced on the forum and the facebook page.

Once we have winner the top pattern from category will be combined into one topic and we’ll have a vote between the top 4 for best overall pattern. Voting will be open for 1 week, after that the top voted pattern will be awarded the winner, with each category winner being best in category.


Winners of each category will receive 1 month of advertising for any fiber related thing they want (pending reasonable approval, nothing that would reflect poorly on the community). This could be an Etsy store, a pattern in a marketplace (ours or others), a blog, a friends blog. The winner of the overall contest will get $100 via paypal, along with a sidebar ad for their pattern in the Fiberkind marketplace, and a banner ad of any choosing they want. The winning pattern will be in the Fiberkind marketplace for 1 month with all proceeds going to the designer minus the marketplace regular fees.

All designers will retain all rights and copyright to their patterns.

Please ask if there is anything confusing, I’ll update this post if I missed important information, this is our first go so we can address things as we go as needed.

You can create an invite-only group for your private communications if you want, you can use direct messages, you can post in the tester areas to recruit help in testing, try to utilize the community as best you can, if you’re having trouble setting up a group let Admin or one of the moderators know and we can help.

Good Luck Everyone!!

[SIZE=18px]Changing Topic Title[/SIZE]

To change your Topic title hit the Edit button in the bottom right corner of your first post, there will be a field near the top with your topic title, edit it and hit the save button.

Screenshot from 2019-09-14 20-55-03.png


yay! We are rolling!

I have one quick question… what about tech editing the pattern?

OOh, good point, maybe have a topic where designers can request editors?

I actually have a tech editor… but yes, that’s a possibility. Of course, most tech editors are still going to want to be payed for their trouble. Just something to think about.

I am not sure how this “fits” into a DESIGN competition other than most professional designing authors will certainly see that their work is teched - it will, after all be representing themselves and so a poorly written pattern is not what they would want.

@Admin We have a forum which includes a section where tech editing services can either be offered or sought
yes, tech editing is part of the design process, but usually a behind the scenes function -

and well they should be if they do their job correctly just as sample makers, illustrators, and testers should be compensated
that is just part of the overall pre publication processes used by professional designing authors.