Emotion Buttons for Individual Posts

Would it be possible to get emotion buttons for individual posts and for the replies to that post? For example, when someone replies to my post saying that they like my xyz, my way of thanking them is to push the love button instead of getting a long string of thank you posts. Thanks! :heart:

We had these on the previous ‘our unravelled’ but they’ve gone now. Which is a shame… … I agree that buttons ate handy for quick responses.

Yes, I agree. I don’t want to discourage good manners, but thank you, thank you, thank you is not very interesting reading! Just nice buttons, though, e.g. agree, love, interesting, lol, or even sad/hugs. Nothing disagreeable. If someone doesn’t like something, they can explain why, or just move on.

Edit: I just had another thought. Would it be possible to have buttons for comments as well as posts? At the moment, I can “like” a post, but if someone replies to it, I cannot “like” the reply. If the post and its comments become a long stream, I may want to “like” some of them but not others.