Elin by Marisa Noldeke Using Queensland United Foursome

Advice needed…thanks in advance to anyone who can help…

I want to knit Elin by Marisa Noldeke. The pattern calls for Berger de France (722 yards and 7 oz/200 g per skein with a gauge of 20 sts = 4.7 inches).

I would like to substitute Queensland United Foursome (1531 yards and 7.05 oz/200 g with a gauge of 23-26 sts = 4 inches

I would like to use all of the Queensland so I can take advantage of all four colors so if I add 40 sts (which I think will make the shawl 2 inches wider) will I be able to do this?

Any assistance with this very complicated knitting math (for me) would be greatly appreciated.


@Glamkitty Hi! Glad to see you here at FiberKind!

I went to Yarn Sub to find the Berger de France - it seems as though this is a DK, and what you are substituting is a fingering weight yarn.

Are you intending, then, to go with 23 sts per 4”? If so, your 140 stitches is really going to give you approx 24”, which is approximately the same width as the pattern calls for. If you want approx 30” wide (an additional 6” from the original pattern size), you probably want to go with 172 or 174 stitches (it appears the pattern calls for an even number of stitches.

If you would like to do a swatch of this yarn, and let me know how many stitches per inch your desired gauge is, I can getter help.


THANK YOU! I plan on swatching so I can see how it looks. I will post again…many, many, many thanks!

you are quite welcome - I look forward to seeing your progress. :slight_smile:

@Char - your dedication to all fibercrafts, and to all members of the FiberKind forum never ceases to amaze me. YOU ARE AMAZING! :slight_smile:

Aww - thank you @qfknit . :fk: