Dyed&Gone Summer Blowout, Part Deux!!

The next installment of our summer blowout sale.

Novelty yarns! Perfect for those of you making for holiday bazaars, because these yarns work up quickly, and provide a reasonable return on your time. If you are selling at a venue that appeals to tweens/teens as buyers or sellers, you should grab some of these, because they make great accessories in no time.

Trendsetter Bodega: a knitted tube that when gathered makes fabulous ruffles. Originally 26.95, clean us out at $3.00 each

Lana Grossa Cotone Print: Sock weight self-patterning cotton. Originally 7.50, now $2.00.

Trendsetter Flamenco: The original (and best quality) lacy ruffling yarn. Use by itself for scarves, or with a hidden base yarn for hats, bags, children’s wear, etc. Once sold for 16.95, now $2.00!

Trendsetter Improv: Another gathering ruffle, but this one is double sided so it has 2x the uses. Makes a great ruffly pillow! When new 23.95, clean us out at $4.00.

Lang Sasha: Ultimate fringe! Just knit or crochet & the fringe does its thing. New it was 21.95 (and boy we sold a lot) now it’s only $4.00

Trendsetter Flamenco: Multi color, multi texture with a bit of bling. Originally 9.95, now 4.00!

Let us know if you have questions on how to use these yarns or patterns (no charge).

And yes we will donate to OU with this sale, which is exclusive to OU users for one week.

Best Regards,