Dye Videos

[SIZE=14px]I have NO IDEA if any of these work[/SIZE], but admit to secret addition to “hack” videos when I cannot sleep :
This is from Blossom on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8rMEcWbBFc


That was cool. I’m amazed at some of them. Going to wrap plastic around my banana bunch end.

Great video! LIke @Bettymo I’m also going to try the banana trick. I only like bananas when they’re slightly green and they ripen so darn fast!

Do you watch the dyeing videos from Rebecca of Chemknits? She put out a video last week regarding Blossum’s post - you should check it out its very interesting from a BioChemist’s review.

I started watching it yesterday and she’s right. I was pretty skeptical watching the dye portion of Blossoms video. The other “helpful hints” she has on there I don’t know about.

@Bettymo I too was skeptical of this process and the colours obtained were so bright. I thought Chemknits did a great job of breaking it down.

What is 'Blossum’s post? I like Rebecca, but she has hundreds of videos.

:laughing: I watch those too! …and soap making, and those paint pouring videos. Oddly satisfying!!

They’re so much fun to watch and it’s also fun to experiment to see which hacks work and which don’t. Strawberry toothpaste does work! vinegar and water bath really does keep berries from growing mold–I do this all the time. :sunglasses: