Don't know where to post this but help!

Do we need a forum for general knitting chit chat? A place to talk about a new pattern we like, or what we’re knitting right now?

Or have I missed where to post stuff like that?

I’m wondering the same. I haven’t found a place to do that. I was wondering if I just missed something too.

Yes! We need a Knit Chat subtopic under Knitting! @Admin can we do this?

I think that would fall into off topic kind of… But we could start a WIP thread or FO-Show thread.

I thought that’s what the “Knitting” main category was for or I’m missing something?

Can we post in the main category? That would be perfect!!

eta: why yes you can! I didn’t know there was discussion there!! Thank you @Admin

Hah, no worries, that’s why I was confused :-D, in the old software they were just headings, here they are full topics.