Donations - 2019 Holiday Make Along

I am hoping to gather some donations for our 2019 Holiday Make Along. There are two sections on the Holiday Make Along - I am hoping to have a few random number based on chatter prizes to send, and a prize package or two, three based on the point system indicated.

If you would care to donate something, please feel free to list it here, or send me a personal message. If you are a vendor and would like add links to your stores/marketplace feel free to do so - I am all for plugging and promoting the businesses here on Fiberkind.

If you have preferences on how or what section you would like the donation to go to, please so indicate.

Donation suggestions:

  • Pattern
  • Stitch Markers
  • Do you have that ball of yarn you just can't figure out what to make with it? Maybe it is time to pass it along!
  • Project bag
  • Gift Certificate to the marketplace (the marketplace is set up for a gift certificate minimum of $10.00)
  • A small project you have handmade
  • Other: ______________
Thank you all so much for being part of this community and knit along. Happy Holidays wherever you are, and no matter how you celebrate.

@knitter131 is donating this skein if Heritage prints yarn.

Thank you so much @knitter131 for the donation!


It’s my pleasure!

@qfknit is donating this pair of 50 gram sock weight balls.

Thank you very much!!! What fun we will have!


@EllenDeKnitter is donating a $20.00 gift card to the Fiberkind Marketplace as part of our make along! Thank you so much Ellen for the contribution!

@Fiber Passion is donating a hank of Stroll Sock Lab - beach party yarn. Here’s the link - picture to follow when it arrives!…tion/c/5420341

thank you very much Fiber Passion for the donation.

Here is a picture! This is gorgeous!!!


Cute yarn!

Yes it is!!! :slight_smile:

I am donating this knit knot bag (hot off the needles!):


Ohhhhhh, that’s very pretty, love the pooling! My girls love these bags!

@Fiber Passion - thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Oohh, the blue is so vivid - beautiful!


A shawl pin that any cat lover would be proud to wear :wink: :

We have a great selection of shawl pins perfect for gifts & stocking stuffers: check them out here.


Oh my - she won my heart with this one!!!

Thank you so much for the donation!!! Purrrrrrr.

@FreedomLover - you have won this prize!!! @knitter131 can you please coordinate with FreedomLover this prize!

Thank you so much for donating to our make along!!!

Sure! @FreedomLover, please send me your address via PM, and I will get it in the mail

What? I didn’t know prizes would be ongoing. Thank you @knitter131, how exciting.

@FreedomLover - yes! I wanted everyone to have equal opportunities… so it is based on chatter in the chatter thread where when it feels right I will do a random number generator, and points based in the second finished thread. :slight_smile:

Congrats again! This is very soft yarn.

I went back and read the first post and saw that it says there would be random prizes. It’s amazing the difference it makes when one reads things. :wink:

I’m donating gift tags. Some Christmas and some fiber related. I will need to limit it to mailing in the US.