Do you trust the Russian join?

I want to use up my sock scraps and cringe at the thought of weaving in all those ends. Would you recommend a Russian join? Do you think it would be too lumpy? I use 2.25 mm needles and sock weight yarn. I’ve done the join a few times but usually on an item that doesn’t get any wear or pull.

I use the Russian join for heavier yarns, but I’ve not had good luck using it for fingering weight.

I personally don’t care for the Russian join. :frowning:

Have you heard of the Spit Splice? I’ve used it on fingering weight yarn for socks and think it works well. You can do it with spit or warm water. Supposedly, spit works the best but that might be a bit much for a lot of joins!

I’ve used it mostly for wool blends but I’ll be using some acrylics and I don’t think it works for them.

Most sock yarns are super-wash treated. So I wouldn’t think it would felt well enough to make a strong join using the Spit Splice. has it worked for you with super-wash treated yarns?
The Spit Splice is great for feltable yarns.

I do trust the Russian Join for joining yarns that are not too loosely spun, or slippery. I used it not too long ago to knit a Hitchhiker using Knit Picks Stroll, and Malabrigo Sock yarn remnants. Worked great! Like you, i did not want to deal with weaving in the ends. If you decide to use it, I’d suggest that after you join the yarns, give a nice, assertive pull to see if the join holds. I’ve had yarns that joined just fine, but came apart like a flimsy alibi when I did the tug test.

@Summerfugl - I don’t remember what type of yarn I used.

I love the “came apart like a flimsy alibi” comment! Lol!