Do you recognize this loom?

I am not a weaver. I knit. I could become a weaver though!

I inherited this loom from my grandmother. She purchased it new in the late 1970s or early '80s. I think she could weave something that was ~40"-45" wide.

The loom is in the folded position in the picture, but it needs to be unfolded to use it. The warp was on it when she died, so it is pre-2001 and likely MUCH older. (Gads, has it really been that long?)

I might have “paperwork” in a box somewhere - the loom is in my attic and for all I know the manuals are in those plaid suitcases behind it! I guess I am being lazy now, but I am hoping you guys can help me out.

Do you know who the manufacturer is? I haven’t found anything on the loom itself to help identify it. Maybe I am not looking in the right place?

Thanks for any suggestions, help, info or ideas you have to offer!



EllenDeKnitter I haven’t seen anything like this. It has a built in ‘raddle’ on the warp beam to spread the warp (if I am looking at it correctly). Very interesting. There is a web site, Weavolution, that has a ton of very experienced weavers. One of them may have an idea of what you have, if no one on here knows. You’ll have to register to post a question in Community discussions, but it’s free.

Thank you!

I haven’t seen anything like it. Interesting and exciting!!