Do we have a Destash thread or group?

Where we can get rid of stash we don’t want or sell needles or the like?

Looks like there is one here:

This group…

@Darlagb Thanks for recommending the ISO, Destash & Trade group! Everyone please feel free to come on over and start your own destash threads! I wasn’t able to set up the group to auto accept members, but I’m online a lot, so it shouldn’t take long for me to click the “accept” button. Hopefully that will be automatic in the future.

Just so I don’t do something wrong in the place linked above: Can I show a picture of stashed yarn and offer it for sale or trade? Swapmeet makes me think that it might be a place to sign up for partnered swaps. I’m not interested in those kinds of swaps.

@Lightning57 Yes! Here’s the link again for anyone who missed it:

Think of it as the “Sell, Trade, or Destash” of OurUnraveled. (I was michelleh13 on Ravelry - the mod from that group.) So, yes please do post items for sale there. Feel free to add photos. I’m hoping that group will become a very active place for buying and selling.

knitterlady13 mentioned you in a post: Small Yarn Destash

The above was listed among my notifications.When I clicked on it it stated that I was not authorised to view the page. What does that mean? Do I need to join that group? Thanks for any help you can give.

@Lightning57 I already added you as a member of that group the other day. If you are trying to view that “small yarn destash” thread that is probably the problem. I did a soft delete on it since it had been derailed with other conversation. That was supposed to me my own destash thread, so I figured I would just start over. :smiley:

OK thanks.

@Lightning57 You’re welcome. Sorry for any confusion. I’m going to remove the nonworking link in my first post.