Diy Triangle Loom

I wanted to re-share my DIY triangle loom. I spent $1.80 for the finish nails and the wood I already had on hand. The working area of the loom is 7ft 2 inches x 45 inches. I finished a shawl and after blocking the finished size of the project was 6ft 6 inches x 36 inches.





Yay, @Stitch81! I’m so glad you did.

Update, finished the stand.


Yay! That looks like fun!

Current project. The colors aren’t showing well but this shawl is primarily gray with some pink and white.


Your loom is quite impressive. Can you adjust the size? I think I remember that you said that you drilled pilot holes for the nails. Did you use a nail gun or a hammer to set them?

I have probably two dozen looms. Everything from a 36" 4 harness Norwood floor loom to a tiny 2" rigid heddle. The cost is not so much the issue. It’s the room. My husband would faint dead away if I brought another one in the house.

Hammer. Size is not adjustable.

lol…my oldest just graduated high school and will be going off to college in a couple weeks. At some point her room will most likely becoming my weaving/spinning/sewing space.

That is so cool! Great. Now I’m thinking about another loom… George is gonna kill me!

Shawl is complete! Getting ready to remove it from the loom and soak it.


That was fast! Very nice! What sort of needle do you use for the weaving?

@Carlota just a crochet hook

Oh, that’s interesting - I guess I’ve never watched anyone weaving on one - just saw ones already done. Thanks!

Finished size 6.5 ft x 3 ft


@Carlota This is the youtube video I watched showing how to do continuous strand weaving.


:see_no_evil: I do not need another loom. I do not need another loom…

LOL…total cost for both the loom and stand was under $15…much of the material was already on hand. The worst of it was hammering in 714 nails.