DIY Spinning Tools

Hi all!

I was just wondering if anyone else here likes to make their own tools?
So far I have only made spindles. but have found some cool plans for spinning wheels in old issues of Popular Mechanics that I would love to try.
I found some good pictures of diy combs on pinterest.

Right now I would really like a pair of hand-carders, but haven’t found any in my price range at the moment, and they don’t seem to be very easy to make yourself.

If anyone has pictures or ideas for diy hand-carders or other spinning tools they would like to share I would love to see them!


Pretty spindle!

Last summer my husband and I made this blending board. I will try to link to the post within Fiberkind. I don’t see why you can’t order some carding cloth as I did from Howard Brush Outlet on Etsy and staple it onto some wood, provided that you can attach handles very firmly. The wooden back does not have to be curved - lots of examples of the flat style are out there. I will say again how firmly Howard Brush Outlet advised me not to glue the cloth for the blending board. Maybe you should verify whether that also pertains to hand carders. Good luck and I hope you try it and share what you come up with.…blending-board

Thank you!

Thanks for the info.
Your blending board looks great!

I’m have been considering making a blending board sometime. My dream is to have a drum carder some day, but probably won’t be doing that this year since I just bought a loom. It was probably half the price of a carder but there’s always new tools to start up a new hobby as well. I even bought plans on etsy for a carder but don’t have the tools really since my hubby isn’t really into woodworking. I think it would still cost between 150 and 200 to make one. The cloth is the biggest expense. It looks like a blending board would be easy to mske, especially after seeing the one @Carlota made! Even a wooden cutting board would provide a good surface if not too thin!

I also dream of having a drum carder. I made the blending board thinking it would be the next best thing, but oddly enough, I haven’t used it yet, because I don’t really understand how to spread flicked locks onto it to blend the various shades of natural gray to a soft heather. I have watched dozens of videos but they are all about making blingy rolags with many colors, textures, and sparkles laid down in layers using combed top, and then pulled into shiny coils - NOT the well-blended heather that I’m hoping for. My Shetland locks are a bit too long for hand cards and they are completely clean, not needing to be combed. So I have a nice tool with no job at the moment. But if you can find a cutting board (my sister found one at Goodwill) that is wide enough, you can make a blending board easily. The keel I put on is not a necessary feature. I love the pretty rolags people make on their videos, but do not have that type of stash. I’ve been looking at the standard Brother drum carders - would love to know how that would work out.

I have a drum carder that I just unpacked from a move. I didn’t get a chance to use it before the move so now that I’m getting things set up Ive been watching YouTube for my education on how to use it. I think it would be quite easy to make a blending board. The one in the picture looks like you have enough room to do a nice blend if that’s what you want.

I guess I was too impatient to learn to use my blending board to make heathers. I took the dive and ordered a Brother drum carder and am in the process of learning to use it to make blended smooth heathered batts. (I will eventually use the blending board.) Have you discovered the free class Drum Carding for Tweed Yarn by Mary Egbert at Camaj Fiber Arts? Here is the link:

Just saw your post, @Carlota. Let me know how you like your Brother drum carder!! Which one did you get?

Hi @rkennell - Yes, I took the plunge. I got the Brother Deluxe Manual Drum Carder with right hand crank and 90 tpi. Here is the description:
And here is a demo of a lady using it:
It came quickly and seems very well made - it is quite large as it is tall enough to clear the table with the hand crank. I can add a motor later (not likely). It has a nice varnished finish and is made of oak - so it will be easy to keep from getting grimy looking. I made a tweed batt on it that came out nice, and have planned a second one but am away from the carder for a few days. I will do a few practice batts and then the plan is to card up the Shetland fleece from last summer’s prep.

Please excuse the off-topic sharing of a non-DIY tool but I hope the info will help anyone that wondered.

Thanks for the details!! Look forward to seeing what you do with it!!

How often do you use hand combs? I have a birthday coming up and thought a pair might be good, especially since space is tight and any fiber I buy will probably get compacted. I am looking at Heavenly Handspinners brand.