Different counting methods

I am going to begin two new ways of counting. I’ve had some requests for changes to how we count, but don’t want to completelly eliminate the current way of doing things. So, starting in the first April reporting I will also ask for usage in yards/meters and grams. You do not have to use the new way, this is a bit of a try to get some more participation.

Here is what I posted in the March thread.
By request of the Zoom people, I’m going to post this here. We have not had much activity in the stashdown threads, so I’m adding 2 new ways of counting, I will be keeping the original way for those of us who like it.

count yards/meters weekly - yarn in does not count against you
count grams used weekly - yarn in does not count against you.

I will be keeping the weekly tally so the first date I will call for these numbers is: April 1. So you would start counting on Sunday as we report on Saturday each week.


I’m going to try to join in but we’re heading into gardening season so my scores will be looooow. Is there a winner for the least amount used up?

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We just do a weekly and a running tally. There is a weekly and monthly running winner, but no great pressure. Pretty much “competing” against ourselves not anyone else. If you look at the weekly results thread you can see what we have been doing, I will probably just add a section for the yardage and grams used. This can be adjusted as we go along and see what works best.