Difference between a new member and member

@Admin - some of us are wondering how we get from new member to member. I registered on the old site within the first couple of days and moved here when the site moved. I started a group here and have joined a number of other groups but I’m still a new member. Could you let us curious new members know how we become “official” members.

It’s just based on post count, I think 30 posts moves from New to Member then like 100 posts goes to Expert Crafter or something along those lines.

Thanks. I’ll let them know they need to get chattier!

Thank you. I was wondering about that as well.

@lovestostitch I believe only new posts count and not comments on posts.

@SpinsterJulieB I bet you will be an Expert Crafter in no time. Awesome :wink:

I’m pretty sure they don’t but I have finally achieved “Member” status!

Interesting! I was wondering, thanks.

it might be worth memtioning that “gaming” the systems is frowned upon - probably not grounds for anything other than perhaps “adjusting” various counts such as those for status, reputation etc.

Sorry a better explanation of “how it works” is not currently available - just one more thing - but probably low in the pile of what needs to be done.

I’m totally confused by your comment. Who is gaming, how are they gaming and why would they game?

@lovestostitch there have been some comments removed from this topic and in other places, where some have seemed to be spamming of a sort simply to up their counts.
as moderators find them - we soft delete and ask the poster to refrain from -

As to who, not you so not to worry

And no, i do not mean simple comments like “beautiful” or “lovely” or even most “Me Too”

So not to worry - post your questions, answers, advice and admiration freely.

I am glad someone asked this, but am a bit confused by the info above. It sounds like “new member” is being defined as one who has not participated much. But it also sounds like direct responses to a post are not included in the participation count. I don’t understand the rationale for that.

Are we not supposed to reply directly to a post in the comments? Always supposed to add a new post instead? Did I miss info about this somewhere?

Replies to a topic should count (your post above should count), I’m not 100% sure if comments on posts (like the one I’m doing right now) count.

Try commenting on your post and we’ll see if it adds to your post count.

Here us my test comment, but Ihave no idea where my count is. And Comments is what I am referring to when I say direct reply to a post.

Got it, yeah comments don’t increase count only posts. I can just get rid of the titles… it was kind of a fun thing to see who’s here more often than others but I don’t want to encourage people to try and generate not-useful content just to increase their make believe rankings. I’d rather see people just… enjoy contributing.

@Admin What might be useful to keep is the “new member” designation, but rather than basing it on the number of posts perhaps remove the “new” designation after a certain number of days. Because everyone new is learning the ins-and-outs of the site, that “new member” status may make it easier for others to help that person out a little more when they first join. I also think that it helps people be a bit kinder or more patient with that person (who may be asking questions that have already been answered). I know we are fiberKIND, but even normally nice people can have an off day.

@aronan I would not worry too much about counts - I have added your question to my things to take a closer look
meanwhile do whatever is most comfortable for you.

There are some other management uses for those levels - truth is we are all pretty much new here and learning lots of devilish details everyday

Yay!! :upside_down_face:. Way cool!