Designers Who Sell Their Patterns from Their Own Websites

We need a list of established knitwear (or crochet) designers who sell their patterns from their own websites. A wiki-type spreadsheet has been suggested, but I have no idea how to create that.

Meanwhile, how about just posting an entry here as you discover names to add to the list.

I’ll go first.
Ilga Leja (prices are in Canadian dollars). I’ve done two of her lacy trousseau-type vests. Love them. But explore her whole site.

And of course, Yumiko Alexander, of whom I spoke earlier in a separate post. Yumiko is still in process of tooling her site to allow direct pattern purchase, but quite a few of her designs are already available direct. She also sells distinctive yarn to accompany most patterns. Sample pattern below:

Natalia Moreva, AKA Kulabra has many lovely and unusual knitting designs that she now sells on her website,

Kieren Foley sells from his site and has LOTS of patterns. Here’s the main page:

La Visch Designs is another:

Oh! And Monsterknits:

Someone on here mentioned Sunday Knits. That might have been on the original interface.

Wow, those are striking!

Thank you, knitterlady13. I’ve never seen any of these before.

@Amore There are several patterns of his that I want to knit. I was so happy to see that I could buy the patterns on his own site rather than on R.

Hmmm. Turns out I have Coastal Fog. Good to know these designs are available direct from the source, not needing to go through R.


If we collect a list in this manner, maybe some friendly techie will show us how to assemble the data into a spreadsheet, ideally one that viewers could add to. I’d love to see a real wiki sheet get going. There’s nothing like local knowledge!

It’s love. I am going to have a hard time narrowing down which pattern to start with!

I already have many items on my list to make and now I see several more. Those designs are beautiful!!

Yup. I’d like to support good designers, but I’ll be hornswaggled if I want a penny to go to R-the-Infamous.

@Amore A basic spreadsheet would be easy…we’d just need a place on site to store it so everyone had access. I’ve started using Airtable and that would also be a great way to save info. I’d love to see a pattern database similar to what is on the other site, but better. It would take a while to populate, but I think we could do it better here. I also wonder if we could take library spreadsheets from a bunch of us, merge them and then upload into a system that populates pattern pages. Of course it would take a group effort to then add links and attributes, etc. The biggest complaint I had about the other was the lack of attributes on so many patterns…people wanted to link to a pattern, but didn’t want to take the time to fill out the attributes completely. The search suffered for it. I always thought there could have been a way to force attributes to be added.

Anyway, I’m sure I have more designer sites to add. I’ll dig them up out of my bookmarks.

Her patterns are beautiful!

@Amore I totally agree!