Deplorable Knitter supported by Karlyn Borysenko on Youtube

See the video here where Karlyn beats up Etsy for banning one of our Favorite Deplorable Knitter’s patterns:

You Go Girl!

She was also featured on Newsmax, it’s on minute 39: :wink:

where is this pattern available at now?

I just sent her an email asking her where it might be. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Char @Poogiegirl681 - Deplorable Knitter is now selling on the Galilee Life website.
Her selection of knitting patterns and finished knit objects offered for sale may change from time to time.

Here’s the link to purchase the STOP THE STEAL hat pattern:

Make sure you catch @qfknit ‘s post above giving you the website. :slight_smile:

I remember finding her collection on Galilee Life two years ago, wondering whether political campaign knitting would sell. It did, it really did. I love seeing how her collection’s grown!

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