Deleting Posts

Is there a way to delete a topic? I started one and then saw that another user had already started a discussion on that topic. I looked, but could not find a way to delete mine. Thanks!

Did the gear up in the upper right not give you the option? I have the admin view so I can do all the things.

I don’t see a gear in the upper right. I’m using my tablet so maybe that is why it’s not an option for me?

I don’t see the gear either.

@Duellingneedles @Admin There’s no gear in my view either. I’m using a laptop and Chrome.

K, I just found the setting, you should be able to delete topics you created now, I’m not sure if it’s retroactive or not.

Thanks! It gave me the option to do a soft delete. I don’t see the topic anymore!

I still don’t see it…

I found it up in the “post reply” bar of my post, next to “filter”.

it is only going to be available if you are the “author” of the topic.

If you posted a comment on a topic, there “should be”
UNDER your comment a like that reads
edit quote comment flag like

The edit option “should allow” you to edit your comment or to delete it as you decide.

I do not believe that outside a group, anyone but as admin/moderator can move/remove topics or comments they did not author.