December Sock KAL - CHAT

Our theme this month is Holiday.
Our color is any color of sparkly yarn.

As always, you can knit any pattern or color you like but you get an extra entry in the prize drawing for using a pattern that goes with the theme and/or using the monthly color.

Chat about the KAL in this thread and post your finished projects in the Finished Thread.

The prize for this month is a 4 ply Mercerized cotton bag made up as a Cherry flavored candy cane in the shape of a Christmas Tree with a square base, perfect for a small to mid-size on-the-go project. Thank you to our anonymous prize donor.

Post pictures of your finished socks in the Finished thread. Don’t forget you get an entry for your first finished sock or two socks finished through the heels.


What a very pretty bag!

Anybody working on socks? I have this pretty pink, sparkly yarn to make socks but I have to finish off the pair I’m making for my son. Not too much more to do.

Then I get to work with this:



I’m knitting fingerless mitts right now. I have a friend who is going through chemo and is having some serious issues with the cold and her hands. :frowning: Love those socks for your son!

@Pegg Thomas - I get really cold toes and fingers. Sometimes wool socks and gloves just don’t warm me up. My favorite thing for my toes are the disposable toe warmers. They warm up when you open their package and stay warm for 5-6 hours. They have hand warmers too. If you have a Costco membership, they typically sell them by the box and they are much cheaper than individually. If you wanted to get her a gift, she might love those.

@lovestostitch, my guys buy them for hunting too.

I’m starting some socks tomorrow for my daughter, Gini, for Christmas. That pink yarn is going to be yummy to knit up!!

I’m rotating working on 3 pair currently. None are sparkly though.

My prize for the November KAL arrived and it is beautiful! Our anonymous donor is a very talented crafter. Thank you Anonymous!


Hey sock knitters! We had a fun chat on Zoom today and one of our topics was helical knitting and specifically using that technique to make socks with yarn scraps. This idea has been added to our Sock KAL schedule for April. That gives you some time to knit some other socks and save some scraps.

@PurlgirlButtons@crosstitchlinda - I looked up helical knitting and saw a variety of interpretations of what that means. I added helical knitting to the sock schedule for April and I posted a video link for the video that I thought looked like a good technique. Will you two watch the video and tell me if that is what you were referring to.

The socks I’m knitting right now are helical. I’m just using the same technique I’ve always used for helix hats. Lol I’m not far along though. Distracted by the crochet project for my daughter in law and the ornaments. Those things are addictive in their own right!

No this is not at all the technique I use. I am trying to find a reference to how I do it. I will get back to you if I can find it.

OK here is a link to the method I was describing

About halfway down she describes the 3 color method used.


Here is a picture of the socks I did using the technique I linked above.


Very pretty! I’m not a big fan of stripes, but I may give this a try anyway.

@Pegg Thomas - I’m not a big fan of striped socks either but I did a technique similar to this with scraps and it doesn’t turn out the same as just using 2-3 colors. I think mine were called Blender socks.

I’m late to the party this month. Just started on my December socks. They don’t match the theme, but I love the heather blue/gray yarn. I’d spun the yarn for a friend’s mitts (I took photos along the way and they are here: but spun enough to do myself a pair of socks too.


That is not how I do it, but I think it is fine, same result. I had an old pattern called Stashbuster Spirals, but just for inspiration.

Very pretty!

@KnitsWithHorses, I hadn’t done cuff down in YEARS until this fall. Now I’m hooked on it again. Go figure! The yarn isn’t gold. Click the link to the other forum to see the true colors.