December 2021 Sock KAL Chat

This is the thread to chat about our socks. Share pictures of your yarn and pattern ideas here.

This month’s theme: Gift Giving! Knit a pair of socks for someone else,

This month’s color: The recipient’s favorite color.

I don’t have anyone to knit socks for so I’ll just have to knit for myself. I found this colorful yarn in my yarn box and it called out to me to be knitted up. It is OnLine Supersocke 8 ply so it will knit up fast and make cozy socks.


Love the colors! I won’t have time to knit socks this month - again. I need to get two more shawls made for next year. But I’ll get back to sock knitting at some point. I’ll have leftovers from the shawls to use up for sure!

I love making shawls but I have a whole box of them. You get to have the fun of making them and making one of your readers so happy when they win it!

I started a pair of socks this week as a Christmas gift for DH, but not too sure if they will get finished ( although he knows now they are for him, so I don’t have to hide them. About the only time I knit is at night when we are watching tv together! This is old stash. I may need to supplement it as I only have 2 skeins. Maybe contrasting heels?


I love contrasting cuffs, heels and toes so whenever I’m in doubt about having enough yearn, I add them. Paton’s Kroy is very short on yardage. It’s only 332 yds for two skeins. I need 400+. I bought two skeins of Kroy years ago when I didn’t know to check yardage and into the second sock, I ran out. Fortunately, I was able to buy another skein that was the same color.

I agree with @lovestostitch I love contrasting heels, toes, and cuffs, and frequently do them even if I have plenty of the main color.

I actually did order another ball as none of my stores around here had this in stock. I don’t know if I actually did look at the yardage. I’ve used it before for Men’s socks and figured I used more because they were bigger! Now I know, lol!

I’m knitting a pair of Advent socks for the first time this year and another first is that I am knitting them cuff-down instead of toe-up. I think I’m close to where I ought to start shaping the toe on the first sock, but I’m not exactly sure what the measurement should be. Any guidance from veteran cuff-down knitters would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Generally 2” shorter than your foot is a good place to start. With cuff down you have a bit of flexibility in trying it on, and if you need to Kitchener a little early, or go an extra couple rows it isn’t an issue. :slight_smile:

Maybe I have long toes but mine end up being 2-1/2". I think it also depends on the shape of your toes. Here’s a fun test you can take about your toes:

I’m #4 with my second toe being the longest. (Be sure to read my personality description! I read the bedroom part to my hubby. :slight_smile: ) You can see with different toe shapes that you will have to figure out what works for you. The good news is it’s easy to rip back and start your toe over if you have too. I’ve done that when I realize my toe is just getting too narrow. If you don’t feel comfortable just yanking back and then putting the stitches back on the needles, add a lifeline before you start your decreases. That makes it easier if you need to rip back.

What a fun little test! I’m a #4 too! The test says they tend to be the creative type, so I wonder if a lot of us here have this type of toes, since we are obviously creative types!

That was fascinating. I’m #2 and they are correct, I have a lot of German ancestry. At my grandparents level both paternal and maternal grandpa’s were German men who married Native American women.

I’m not likely to finish a pair this month. I’ve started and frogged two pair. I just don’t have much focus these days. I am planning to start another pair tomorrow but… We’ll see.

Thank you, Char. I think this means that I can do at least part of the last pattern section before starting the toe. And I love knowing I can adjust here and there, if necessary.

Thank you, lovestostitch. I also love the idea of adding a lifeline, just in case it takes more than one go to get it right.

Also, the toe test was interesting. I’m a #1, with no Roman or Italian ancestry of which I am aware.

Finished first man sock, as in "Man, this ball of same colorway yarn is nowhere, nohow, noway matching!!! Oh well.


Wow, that’s hard to believe that yarn is the same colorway.

I know! But the original yarn is pretty old, and I actually like the lighter, brighter yarn. It is a lot easier to see, too. But my husband does NOT wear bright colored socks. He’s ok with this as it won’t show. :slightly_smiling_face:. Whenever he gets socks as swag from IT companies, he gives them to me!