December 2021 - ❄️ and ?

December is right around the corner. Holiday movies are on Hallmark 24/7 now, Snow and reindeer are around the corner, if they haven’t come already….

This is our December theme - Snowflakes and Reindeer!!

So much fun with the December themes!!

My front yard is ready for the theme!

First measurable snow 11-29-21.jpg

Looking good. We didn’t get quite that much.

Before I go searching the internet for snowflake patterns I thought I would ask if you all had a favorite pattern or two?

Any criteria we should offer? What have you been itching to make, but can’t find the right pattern?

I was going to say we don’t have any, but I don’t want the powers at be to get too excited to rectify that, so I’m not going to say it.

I love snow! I want some but not until I get a new snow brush for my car. My son was heading to Colorado and needed one so I gave him mine and I keep forgetting to get another one.

We used our snow brush for the first time yesterday. We had about 1 to 1/2 inches, and I think most of it landed on the cars windshield.

I’m preparing my sock skeins for dyeing. It’s quite cold here (no :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: yet), so I need a few pairs of socks for children. All my sock yarn is stored in my MIL house temporary. Need to get it back ASAP. Are you missing your yarn??


Looking forward to seeing the color!! And then the socks.

Pegg, you decorated early!

Good question, @Char .
Maybe snowflake ornaments. My husbands gma once made a large amount of snowflakes using thread. They were only about 3 inches across.
We received them as gifts back in the early 1990’s. I used them as Christmas tree ornaments for years. Due to circumstances well beyond my control, they were thrown out, with all my other Christmas memories. Yes. Every last memory. Thrown into a community dumpster and I was not able to retrieve them.

Other than that…maybe a snowflake throw blanket?

I love seeing the projects the FiberKind community works up. So much talent here. The reindeer theme has me stumped…all I can think of is a stuffed animal.

Very Jealous!

Also, what is the difference between a snow brush and a broom???

@EllenDeKnitter In my area a brush is a long handled brush with and ice scraper on the other end. A broom is just a broom to sweep the porches off if we have a fluffy snow.

@hereami You comments give me shivers. I’m not a “as seen on TV” hoarder, lol, but after my mom died I found out I was PROFOUNDLY sentimental. I understand viscerally what you mean about “throwing away memories” though I have come to understand that my memories are my own and do not require physical talisman to evoke them. I’m sorry your touchstones were lost.

Search for tatting. It’s a fiber technique using thread that is often used for things like snowflakes.

Also, there are a gazillion crocheted snowflake patterns on the web. They are often completed with thin string/yarn and may be what are looking for!

I found this snowflake quilt:

There are a lot of possibilities with this pattern. :slight_smile:

Endless possibilities!

I found some good snowflake patterns on Coats and Clark website a few years ago. They were well written so that even I was able to make them.

I wish we would get a little bit of snow to make the 6,5 hour days seem lighter - but not so much that there would be snow work - temperatures are very wintery from -7C to -10C