December 2019 FO's

Share your December finished crochet projects!

Some simple headbands for stocking stuffers.

Caron SS with a J hook. Tunision simple stitch. 15 sts wide x 21" long.


They are so pretty…

Thanks @DJM!

I am making my 4th Unadorned Beret, which is a pattern from our own @CherylDeeCrochet . I found the band on the first one was a bit tight (not the fault of the pattern, I work tightly) so it went into the charity bag - someone with a slightly smaller head will love it. A friend admired the 2nd one so much I gave it to her. The 3rd was a special request, a rainbow-coloured “dread bag” (I made a standard band, then used a large hook and different colours of yarn for the main part). I am now making my 4th, a lovely deep purple colour which I am determined to keep for myself! I don’t have photos, I’m afraid; the first three have gone and the 4th is not finished yet, but this is definitely one of the most successful patterns I have ever come across - thanks, Cheryl :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the pattern link. It looks lovely. We’d love to see yours when it’s finished!

You are very welcome. It is one of those very basic, but very useful, patterns that look good on their own or can be used as a starting point for all sorts of things. It can even be adorned (as opposed to unadorned)!

Thanks so much for sharing, I do have a small head and have problems making hats for myself even when I go down a hook or two in size for the brim. I live in the North East so hats are a must this time of year.

I have the opposite problem, a big head. One-size hats just don’t fit. I have a couple of shop-bought hats that do actually fit, but mostly I make my own. I live in the West of Scotland, where the weather is more wet than cold in winter, so although I don’t always need a hat for the cold, I find I can feel a bit “chilled” without one in damp weather and I end up making my own.

What an adorable pattern!!!

I think I am going to have to learn Tunisian crochet. Lol

@Char - You absolutely should! It’s a great technique.

@TexasPurl if I were to pick up an appropriate hook, do you have a recommendation?

@Char - I started with a set of really cheap wood hooks. They worked well enough as a beginner but became rough & worn quickly. I have a set of Knitter’s Pride Interchangeables I love. I also have a set of Denise Interchangeables for traveling. I prefer the Knitter’s Pride but won’t risk losing them, so they stay at home.

Thank you so much for mentioning my pattern and your successful projects from it. You just made my day!

You are very welcome. :slight_smile:

My friend’s daughter wants a “real” horny toad of her own. Her mother doesn’t think it’s a good pet, so she asked me to make her one that’s soft & lovable. We call him Henry!

Pattern is from “My Fingers Fly” on Etsy.


He is so cute.

This brought a big grin to my face! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Char & @DJM! He was fun to make.