Current WIPs

I’m working on a quilt for my niece. She graduated in December with her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Biology. I’m so proud of her. This quilt will have a million small geese and less than a million large geese!


@kern, at least she’ll be able to appreciate all that math! :wink:

I’m working on this crib sized top that needs an inner border and more 4 patches sewn together for the outer border.

ETA: Scrolling past the picture again I see a seam that’s coming open on the border piecing…


@FreedomLover LOVE blue, white , yellow! Looking really good!

@VICTORY60 Thanks! That’s my all time favorite color combination.

So pretty I bet she will love this!!! I’m also making a quilt for my great Niece.

I am working on my first ever quilt, for my daughter to use when she starts college in the fall. I don’t have a border yet, still deciding on a color.


I’ve got a couple things in the works though I haven’t touched them in a while. I’m hoping to before too much longer.

I have a 6" Square Dance cut out and stored in a gallon zippy. It just needs pieced.

I have a quilt for my son in progress. I’m still piecing the fog. The fog material was dyed at a guild class.




I decided to make my niece a quilt using charm packs. Have ten blocks completed, forty more…


Hello all! I am a part of a quilting ministry and recently finished this baby quilt.



I’ve only ever made one quilt (for my eldest granddaughter when she got married 4 years ago), and my husband has decided we need more of them in the house (I love that man!). I have wanted to use pre-cuts, but wasn’t sure I had the confidence to do it. Thank you for sharing this…it’s going to be lovely!! What size will it be in the end?

That is really beautiful!


I like it! Love the strawberries and the geese!

Knitnurd, it will be a twin size for her bed. :slight_smile:

I’ve got lots of stuff too! lol…Right now I am putting together my husbands log cabin…I have all the squares, but need to sew them together




I am completely in love with your color palette!

I have one of these ‘plus’ quilts on my to do list. Yours is GREAT!

@kern thank you :relaxed: oh you should see the fried eggs! lol

@dogtrnr thank you :relaxed: now to get it all sewn up!